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Ballerina, have you seen her?


I’m so thankful I have Wilma to help me show off this new Akaya “Ballerina” outfit from KA Designs. Being my impromptu blog model requires someone with a huge inventory (she pretty much has everything I have), willingness to purchase it if necessary (she’ll pretty much buy anything/everything), be available at the right time (whenever I’m in the mood) and able to take directions well (and forgive me when I am bossy).


We decided to pair the Akaya outfit with the ballerina ToeShoes from Bare Rose, it’s adorable but only comes in Pink! I wish it was color change or includes more colors.


Visit KA Designs, be sure to check out the new collection while you’re there!


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  1. kesseret

    I wish as well that June would create many more colors of the toe shoes.

  2. Lizzie Lexington

    awww that is too cute.

  3. Wilma Delgado

    Awww we look cute!! It was fun and thank you for putting up with my deficiencies in moving poor Wilma’s a good thing she’s cute! Hugs Lizzie!

  4. Vika

    thats so cute <3
    which one is you?

  5. Marianne

    Let me guess… the Brunette is Gogo?

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