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Be My Valentine!

Brazen Bety - Be My Valentine

Would anybody be excited if they received a boxed up Gogo for Valentine’s Day? ^_^

This new Be My Valentine pose prop is a collaboration between Zedellbee Zuhal of Blonde and Plastic Swords of Dismorph. The pose prop includes 14 different single animations. A lot of them are cute & flirty, they would make great poses for Valentine’s Day cards!

The posing prop is scripted to toggle invisibility on and off for the floor, box, lid, or hide all.

Brazen Bety - Be My Valentine

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  1. caroline

    lovly!! what lingerie your wearing here .. 🙂
    by the way nice pictures..

  2. Gogo

    Lingerie – Fishy Strawberry 🙂

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