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Bella di Notte, Nadja

Bella di Note

Bella di Notte has just released the sultry Nadja skins. Each skin tone includes a light and dark brows option, and 10 sexy makeups. I’m wearing the Light skin tone with dark brows cos I love the way it brings out the eyes on this skin.

Bella di Note

Bella di Note

The body is very well done on this skin, and I especially love the perky (but natural looking) breasts shading. If you want to see more, visit Bella di Notte!

Bella di Note

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  1. Mitzy Burns

    Wow! Being a bit of a skin freak I thought I knew all the best designers in SL (surprisingly few) but just checked out these skins and they are gorgeous. Beautiful and very moody! Thanks, once again Gogo, for bringing it to our attention. Seriously recommend x

  2. Par1s breen

    Ooh That Skin Is <3<3<3
    Can I Ask Where Those Fab Lashes From Puhleaseeeee <3<3

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