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Glitterati has just released this set of 10 ‘Profile Photo’ poses, it includes the pink Phone prop too! I’m pretty sure everyone is familiar with the head-tilt, arms outstretched pose you do irl when you’re snapping pictures for social networking sites. I think these are brilliant for SL, especially fashion bloggers. If Gogo had to pick one pose, I’m sure it would look something like the one above. Hello, Vanity! *click*



Ow, neck cramp (but still hot!)


I’ve been seeing these Akeyo KnittBoots everywhere, so I wanted to try a pair for myself. The HUD is incredibly versatile! You can change size & change colors for every single component using the color-picker. I played around with it, it’s super easy to use. I love customization, they’re so worth the money. These will match anything you want to color-match it to!


My only gripe about these boots is that they’re WAY huge out of the box. I had to resize using the HUD, but once I resized it, the foot was way too big for the new smaller size. I had to adjust it a bit, and lower the socks so it won’t show too much. That’s all, a small fix but.. hmm, I wish it was resize friendly.

Fishy Strawberry

What I’m Wearing:

LeLutka – IFElight-makeup6 (D Brows)
Exile – Gossip Girl (Dusk)
Fishy Strawberry – Harder Tee (White/Black)
Fishy Strawberry – Dirty Sidewalk Mini (Black)
AKEYO – KnittBoots
* Glitterati – Profile Photo (poses+phone)

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  1. Leeloo

    I have these boots in rl….so i had to get them in sl! they are massive though, i have to resize slowly, i’m always worried i end up with those shrunken looking feet some people go around with :/ how do you lower the sock part? would be handy to know 🙂

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