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Gala Cupid 2 skins

Gala Cupid 2 (Black brows)

Gala Phoenix will be releasing Cupid 2 skins with Dark Brows soon (probably tomorrow!). I really like the Dark Brows on these, even though I love the original Light Brows set too.

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  1. Ann Launay

    *does a happy dance*

  2. zaii

    really cute! can’t wait. i just wish though that gala offered brow options (or to mod. the brow colors) on all her skins, like she did on her other line. 🙁

  3. Vika

    but is that the only difference, only brows? any new makeups?

  4. camille chayoo

    do u have on one of your shapes with this skin cause i love them together and i would love to have this shape?

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