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Gimme mod rights, bish!

A lot of people on my friends list have given me mod rights, maybe because they know I’m too lazy to go mess up their stuff? I like having mod rights to close pals, cos when you’re hanging out at their place (or they’re at yours) they don’t have to ask you to get them a chair, they can just drag one of yours over. Isn’t that the ultimate lazy hostess thing to do? hahah!

How do you feel about mod rights? Do you give it freely or guard it carefully?

Do you know what I want more than mod rights though? MAPPING RIGHTS! Let me see where you are, bishes!

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  1. Fricker

    I agree! But only a small select few actually get the right πŸ™‚ Those are the friends in the 1% club.

  2. Ana Boogiewoogie

    I only ever give my mod rights to people I 100% trust. Otherwise, anyone with my mod rights can go into my store and take copies of all my things for sale without paying. Sure, i’d probably give it to them anyway, but they shouldn’t do that. (And yes, THEY DO!!!)

    • Rayvn Hynes

      I like having people’s mod rights, so when I’m at their house, I can fix their stuff and rearrange their furniture.

  3. Ann Otoole

    It only takes one instance of the negative that can happen with granted mod to change all of the yes votes to no votes. Matter of time. Do not hand out any powers that can be used against you. As for map? eh who cares. If someone tp’s on top of me without advance notice they are no longer on the list anyway. But did you know that emerald now shows you the drama of who has you set to not see them online? Oh now don’t rush out the door to go dl emerald so fast! πŸ˜€

  4. Ayami Imako

    I mentally organize my SL friends list into Family, friends, and contacts. Family get mod rights, family and friends get find me on the map, contacts get to see me online. ^^

  5. Lara Aridian

    I have a few friends who have mod rights and they are all builders, too. If they mess up my stuff, I’ll mess theirs up in return. πŸ˜›

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