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I hate shine


1. This is the CherryGirl CamicTunic (in Pink) that I purchased on February 12th, 2010. When I wore it, I noticed right away that the skirt prim did not match the shirt texture at all. At first glance, I thought it might have  been tinted “gray” so I sent the creator, kumichan Koba, an IM in-world asking her to un-tint the skirt.

2. Kumichan sent me an updated skirt, but she made it FULL-BRIGHT, which actually looks worse than how it was originally. The skirt still doesn’t match the top texture.

At this point, I thought that maybe her texture was the problem, or that she’s not understanding my concern. I’ve sent her pictures and even asked my friend to translate my note card into Japanese for me. I felt kind of annoyed/defeated when I didn’t get a response after waiting for nearly two weeks.

Today I went to find the CamiTunic to delete it from my inventory when I found another one just like it.. but in White!

3. This is the CamiTunic in White that I had purchased back in May 25th, 2009. The skirt didn’t match at all, but it was MOD, so I looked in the properties and discovered that the prims were not tinted gray at all, but it was set to LOW SHINE.

You guys know I think Full-Bright is the devil right? Well, shine is it’s cousin! EWW.

So then I adjusted the shininess to none and voila!

4. A perfectly matching CamiTunic dress.

But seriously, why was the Pink version NO MOD, and why didn’t the creator replace mine with a no-shine version. LANGUAGE BARRIERS MAKES ME SAD! I didn’t know that it was set to ‘shine’, I had assumed that it was tinted gray like MOST prims before Windlight.

Anyways.. if someone can speak Japanese, can you ask Kumichan to send me a new skirt, thanks! 🙂

I might delete the Pink CamiTunic soon if I don’t get a replacement I can use.

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  1. Henry

    There is a definite style difference across the cultures on SL. I notice that Japanese things tend to have a highly painted feel and do end up fullbright/glowy…

  2. Coralie

    Language barriers… But you sent the note card in Japanese. It’s not because of language but because she’s just LAZY. And Henry, yes, most of Japanese creators prefer painted touch rather than photo-real touch, I think. Because we have comic culture? (I’m Japanese, hehe) But as for Western creators’ clothes, I also see lots of mini skirts with crotch prims that don’t suit to pants layers.

  3. Summer Haas

    I bought that dress awhile back. I don’t even mind the non matching so much, but no mod and no resize is absurd. I feel ripped off as it does not fit my petite avie and I look like I’m swimming in it. The odd thing is most Japanese avies tend to be petite, you’d think the creator would want to accommodate her customers.

    On another note, it seems pretty business stupid to sell stuff like this no mod, unless you don’t mind your customers resorting to copybotting the prims so they can be sized correctly. Just about everyone on the grid has a friend who knows someone who can “fix” it for you. I hope designers who think no mod is the way to go realize this.

    For the record, mine sits in that infamous folder of things you paid good money for but can never wear, sounds like yours did too.

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