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I like palm trees

Juicy sim

I told Khea this morning that I am changing all the palm trees on Juicy sim to new palms from Heart Garden.

She said… I hate palm trees! They’re so kitschy and tacky! This is why I would never go to Bali (this is the Aussie equivalent of Hawaii).

So I said, whatever, don’t hate! LOL

5 hours later.. I get an offline:

Khea: omg the palms look sooooo good
Khea: I cant believe it
Kheas: lol
Khea: they are nice


So I wrote a response back: OH, what ever happened to TACKY? TACKY PALMS!! haha you changed your tune 😛 I will go plant you some!

There you go guys. I have converted another palm-hater into a future palm lover. Look for palm trees on MALT sim soon (maybe! lol).

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  1. Khea

    Ok I was wrong…surrenders… BUT no palms on Malt just yet ;P

  2. Britnee

    Palm trees are everywhere…..

    Glad to see they are heading north to Malt too LOL

    *sips on her coconut water* You will give in Khea the trees are next door to Malt LOL

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