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I wore it first!

Almost 3 years ago, when I was fairly newbie, there was a girl who wore the exact same skin, same hairstyle and in the same hair color. It wasn’t her “usual” look, she literally put it on right in front of me. I freaked out a bit, lol.

Thankfully, my friends all have their own ideas about fashion & what they like, so I don’t encounter this much at all now. In fact, most of them don’t even like my skin choices or share my penchant for Platinum Blonde hair.

What about you? Do you care if your friends wear the same skin, or the same skin AND hair, or the same skin AND hair AND eyes AND lashes, on and on and on?

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  1. Alley

    I chose other because usually…It doesn’t bother me all that much unless they copy me consistently. I had a friend who first bought the same skin I did. I didn’t care because we had different shapes. She had a store bought shape and I had a self made so we didn’t really look the same. After being a blonde since the beginning of her SL experience, she decided to become a brunette and got the same hair styles I did. I of course had always been a brunette. Then she started getting the same outfits that I did. Fine, whatever. But what really sent me over the edge was one day she asked me where I had gotten my AO because she wanted a new one. I took her and she bought the same one I did!!! I was livid. I felt like this chick was trying to become me at that point.

    • Annie

      thats kind of scary :O

  2. Amara

    I’d have to say other. I have no problem telling people where I get items from; it all helps the store in the end. Sometimes it’s fun when me and a few friends match on purpose. We have similar styles, but not so alike that you can’t tell who’s who.

    But every once in a while, it can get a little freaky when everyone you know is wearing the same skirt for example. This happened once with a skirt from Sweetest Goodbye called Tik Tak. A short skirt with little pockets on the sides looked very good for a post apocalyptic sim, but once every girl in said sim donned a pair…let’s just say I stuck to pants for a bit.

  3. Chatz

    One time a friend’s boyfriend took a liking to something I was wearing, so he had her buy the same outfit and wear the same hairstyle (& shade) as me. That bothers me because I think it has a total eww factor. I voted other because in normal circumstances, my friends and I dressing similarly doesn’t really bother me as we all like the same designers for the most part anyway.

  4. Ayami Imako

    Its pretty often actually that my friends will have the same skin or hair as me. We all have similar tastes. But I mean just having the same skin or hair (or dress, shoes, top, whatever..) doesn’t mean we look alike because we all have our own shapes, different accessories, etc. I think I’d be put out if someone showed with the exact same avatar but that can’t really happen. My shape is my own and even if someone had it I think my taste in accessorizing outfits and how I put things together is unique enough. So obviously I went for option 1. šŸ™‚

  5. Shani Shi

    I don’t have a ton of girlfriends, but the ones that I do.. wouldn’t do this. If they did, it would be a case of wearing the skin/hair combination for a character of theirs, in roleplay, and they’d -still- be wearing it differently, and presenting that person very differently than me. So, I can honestly say, I wouldn’t mind. -However-! If one of my newer SL girlfriends just.. out and out decided to get the exact same skin and hair combo as me, I might feel a bit weirded out. There’s so much diversity here, and people end up identifying with and investing a lot into their avies. Isn’t it funny how we care so much about a bunch of pixels? But I do, I guess. I feel like it’s so egomaniacal to even consider that anyone would want to look like one of my girls, so I don’t think it’s a possibility. I’m no GoGo, regrettably! =) But, I’m me! All several of me!

  6. skit

    Timely as hell, Gogo! I had a (GUY) friend recently make a female avatar. He looked exactly like me!
    While imitation is supposedly flattery, there are lines that you can cross when you take imitation too far. Most of us put work into our avatars to make them individual, and someone taking that is 1) creepy and 2) just awkward.

  7. Annie

    some of my friends wanted to stop being friends with me because i bought stuff from the same store >:O but we worked it out and we’re sitll friends šŸ˜€

  8. Bellatrix

    Depends…If its something i really love its annoying if my friends get it too but it also depends what it is…Clothes and hair i dont care about, cause i have plenty of both and i can just change, but skin is worse cause i’m really picky about skins so when i finally find one i love and wear for a while its annoying if my friends get it too. But then again i blog stuff i love with slurls, so its not like i have hard feelings about it šŸ˜›

  9. Chandra

    ..often imitaded, never duplicated..

  10. Isabelli Anatine

    I dont mind to give the lm of where i bought my stuff, but I hate looks like everyone…soo Im always looking for new face skin, new hair, etc.

    Annoy me the kind of person that whants became me, with same skin, same ao, same outfits…this makes me whant kill the person..lmao.

  11. tgalicia

    I chose other too. I loooove telling people where I got my stuff from, will give out lm’s and tell how much it cost just in case. But one time a friend of mine dropped in and had the exact same hair, earrings, boots, AO and very similar outfit that I had on at that moment. I only change once in a blue moon so I knew she was copying my look. To put on the same thing in the same fashion now THAT blows me up. I know people say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery but it bugs because I look like the copier!!

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