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I’m the best little fairy in SL

Evie's Closet

Oh look, I’ve left my skybox! And, I’m wearing something other than a tank top and booty shorts.

Evie’s Closet has just released the Ariel dress in a bunch of different colors. I’m wearing the Pink one, of course! This dress includes sculpted flower top, sculpted flower pants (with and without silk attachments), circlet (for your hair), anklets, and modesty tops & pants (not worn here). I tried on the modesty top and pants and I didn’t like the look of it showing beneath gorgeous sculpted flowers, so I went without pants.

Evie's Closet

Evie's Closet

Evie's Closet

Evie's Closet

I tend to take too many pictures when I’m doing photos in-world cos I figured since I’m already there, and I’ve spent all that time rezzing the sim, why not take a bunch of pictures? Oh, also, other people must think I’m a weirdo for hovering in the same spot almost naked for a long time. I need a group tag that says “I’m not weird, I’m just blogging.”

Also, if you like my poses used in these photos, they’re from Leafy. I love these poses for in-world photos, especially when I want ‘action’ shots.

All pictures were taken at Tempura Island!

What I’m Wearing:

LeLutka-IFElight-makeup3(D Brows)
Fascino – Ayan (Orchid) hair
Evie’s Closet – Ariel (Pink)
SLink – Jolie Pied Barefoot

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  1. Kaethe

    Yay. These photos make me want to go buy the outfit lol.

  2. Chalice Carling

    Awww you look absolutely adorable. I love the poses and color. I’m going to dust off my wings and be a fairy too.

  3. Dawnde


  4. Vika

    pretty <3

  5. Carmilla Mirabeau

    Tempura is one of the most beautiful spots..specially there..for taking photo’s, so they are used to it. Beautiful look btw 🙂

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