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Le Mode COVER Paris Skin

Le Mode

I was stumbling around SL this morning and I found this Cover (Paris) skin from LE MODE on sale for just $50L! This is part of the Weekend Fever event, and it includes a single Mint makeup in all 3 skin tones (Pale, Sunkissed, Tan). I didn’t really like the lips template, cos the arches on the upper lip is too pointy, I couldn’t get rid of it by lowering the shallow slider on my mouth at all. The skin tone is OK, depending on which Windlight setting you’re viewing it in. I worked with my Windlight setting a lot to make it less yellow.

The face is pretty cute and the brows are nice. So despite the stuff that I didn’t like about it, I thought this was a pretty great deal, especially cos of the low price.

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Le Mode

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  1. Vika

    I think you can fix the lip by changing the upper/lower lip ratio, to reduce the upper lip compared to lower. Then the arc won’t look so high.
    Real lips usually have lower lip bigger than upper, sometimes close to equal but usually never upper lip bigger bigger than lower.
    I wonder, is this some kind of second life fashion to wear lips unrealistic this way? So they kinda look like the hare lip? With upper lip so much fatter than lower?
    In real life that kinda lips, I don’t think would be considered good looking, but in second life, everybody wears them this way. Why I wonder^^

    • Nuuna

      Vika: Because it is a second life and not real life…where everything doesn’t have to be realistic.;)

      • Vika

        or good looking either? Or hare lips are considered attractive and desirable?

        • Nuuna

          That’s you opinion.:) I can see nothing wrong here. She has a nice shape. Must everything be attractive and desirable? And it probably is to many.:))

          • Vika

            Well, not really just mine. All people who go alter their lips thru plastic surgery to make their lips look the way they want to, all arts that include depicting a female faces, make-up techniques, or whatever way people “make faces”, they never usually make lips like this. The image of lower lip begining straight under the nose like a moustache and lower lip being barely there seems to be purely Second Life unique.
            I’m just wondering where did this fashion come from and is so popular.
            And must everything be attractive? Yes, I believe, if you can do it, then why mustn’t you try 🙂

  2. Lil

    Thanks to Gogo’s pics, I originally intended to grab some demos of the skins, but luckily recalled that the mall location in Turnip (NOT the cute home accessories store!) used to have a very aggressive and annoying “copybot protection” system in place. I genereally detest the attitude that potential customers are supposed to prove themselves worthy of approaching a store and this system was spamming me with about 20 lines of text in local chat within the first moments at the location, then ejected me. I forwarded the log of those lines to the owner of the location and said that they had lost a potential customer because of their spamming, customer distrusting system because I would never visit their place again. The response from the person, “I mute idoiots sorry. Talk to me again and i’ll ban you from more places you can imagine. I own second life.”

    Well, I’m sorry for the store to be in such an unwelcoming location. I certainly won’t get anything from them, at least not from THAT place.

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