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Lil’ Me

kid gogo

I like the challenge of making a Kid Shape. I’ve been working on on a Kid version of Gogo on and off for years, never being quite happy with the proportions. Ideally, I would like to make a kid that looks young enough to wear a pacifier. I don’t know why, I just think it’s a cute accessory that’s necessary so people will know it’s meant to be a Kid and not a very short adult!

kid gogo

For now, I’ll have to settle on a Kid that is much older, until the SL mesh improves or skin makers comes out with better Kid skins. I won’t put my kid in anything but Gala skins from 2008 (before the shine), cos to me that’s the best young face that is realistic and not cartoon-y.

I don’t care if people think Kid avatars are creepy or annoying. If they tried, they would realize that making a nice Kid shape is incredibly hard!

I would make a senior citizen Gogo if skin makers made *nice* aged skins, too!

P.S. I don’t want my favorite skin makers to make more kid skins (I would rather them concentrate on regular skins), but it’s cool to be able to make different shapes using the right products.

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  1. Ayami Imako

    Hee I have a ..granted rarely used .. kid shape and wear the old Gala skins with them as well. Theres just something about those that makes them so perfect for it.

  2. Lash

    I made one once. She was a tiny punk rock kid that had an AO that did constant back flips and kungfu moves. She was Wasabi Karatechop Punk the III (in my head). I use an older version of D-skin though. They have really subtle make up and a youthful face that’s more Final Fantasy-ish.

    Now you got me thinking of making a creepy one. Like the Shining. Or Children of the Corn. If people insist on being creeped out by them, might as well have fun with it.

  3. Lil

    Did you try “Brazen Women” by Beebo Brink for older female skins?

  4. Maegen Parvenu

    I feel like a lot of what keeps people from looking like kids in SL is the fact that it’s next to impossible to find good quality clothing or skins that don’t have boobs shaded in. You seem to either end up with stuff that’s badly under-shaded, or wind up looking like a 5-year old with a full set of cleavage. I like to keep my own boobs small even though my avatar is an adult, but from the front you can rarely tell, because most skins and clothing want you to be a DD or something.

  5. annie

    which skin are u wearing on your child avie? :O

  6. Lindsey

    Are you going to be selling this kid shape?? 🙂 would be awesome!

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