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Second Life 2.0 Beta Viewer

Download the Second Life 2.0 Beta Viewer here

I am test driving the new interface & new layers!! After how many years of griping about not having an extra tattoo layers to wear over our skin/clothes, Linden Lab has finally created one. There’s also an ALPHA layer!! Oh, and my dear little fashionista heart is so happy there’s a WEARING tab that lists everything I’m wearing. This will making doing outfit credits SO much easier! I LOVE YOU LINDEN LAB.

This viewer will take some time to get used to, but it’s better to start getting used to it now, before they roll out the official version. I like what I’m seeing so far! <3

Second Life 2.0 viewer rocks!

I made a ‘viva la juicy’ tattoo to test out the layer. It works awesome!! If only I could make better tattoos, lol!

In addition to tattoos, creative residents can also try adding stuff to their skins like beauty marks, extra makeup, etc. I think this will be AMAZING, I can’t wait to see what designers come up with!

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  1. sylvan

    I wonder how long it will be before Snowglobe follows suit? I haven’t been to yet so I am guessing that the only view that has evolved to this is SL’s official viewer.

  2. TheShadow99

    I’m waiting to see what the Emerald crew does… I’d heard they were already working on more clothing layers for later versions of their SL viewer… So the question becomes how compatible different takes on the idea might be… Emerald still has other advantages that I wont’ give up even for new clothing layers…

  3. Bell Lectar

    does that mean SL skins will become like the sims skins?
    An empty face on which you put on makeup on different “clothing layers” for each feature? so you can combine different lips, eyes, brows, etc to combine a makeup of your own, not just wear one complete face per skin you can’t alter?
    just think how good it is, to be able to get lips from one creator, eyeshades from another and so on, and have literally endless possibilities to combine them in a makeup, sorta like clothing works now?
    I so wish they’ll make it like in sims.

  4. Brook

    It looks cool, I’m trying now, but I can’t find how to upload textures LOL and where are my picks???

  5. Camryn Fouroux

    Emerald viewer has had a “what I’m wearing” tab for awhile now. Glad linden labs is finally catching up!!

  6. Lash

    YES! YES! YES!

    This yes-gasm brought to you after 6 years of waiting.

    So yeah, I’m faking it just a lil. 😛

  7. Ayami Imako

    Its okay. I have mad beef with the inventory at the moment… you have to wait till it fully loads if you have a hope of actually finding anything because it will snap back to the top over and over and not let you scroll down. Also you can no longer find things by typing in the first few letters of the name. Which sucks alot.

    The chat isn’t as frustrating as people are making it to be for me. Though I wish you could add a local chat tab to the window.

    The camera controls window makes me sad. They stuck rotate and position on different tabs now which kinda slows things down alot of like me you are reliant on those.

    I do however really like the favorites bar, and the alpha channel for avatars. The tattoo layer seems like a good thing, but none of my current tattoos work with it of course so will either have to pester the creators for the new layer, or buy them again .. which kinda sucks.

  8. Bliss Windlow

    things do not rez for me, I lost almost all my windlight settings including personal ones which now are gone, my image is jagged and nothing I do changes that and my pictures are one a huge black canvas and take up 1/4 of the bottom right of actual photo .. aghhhh .. it has compeltely screwed up my regular viewer as well.

  9. TheShadow99

    I finally tried SL 2.0 for a day… While I appreciate the idea of alpha and tattoo layers, the UI frankly sucks… Chat needs alot of work… IM’s are annoying in 2.0… The firefox ripoff that is the upper and lower system bars… The ‘web’ navigation is a joke, it so doesn’t fit SL at all… People nearby and ‘worn’ tabs are nice, but are things emerald has done for ages… and done better there typically…

    Snowglobe 2.0 couldn’t even load my AV’s shape… or my clothes… let alone my prims… Though the rest of the world looked fine…

    All in all I don’t think the UI changes are good, but fixing some gross errors that have existed for years, but were ignored…

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