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Skanky but cute

Skanky but cute?

Someone on my plurk timeline said that in SL, avatars can choose what they want to look like yet so many choose the skanky whore look, or something like that. I should be ashamed of myself, but I like my skanky look. But there’s a fine line between skanky cute and skanky whore, I try not to cross it, but sometimes I think that I may be crossing over to the skanky whore line a bit (and I like it).

It took me awhile to dig through my inventory for something to match Luck Inc’s newest release, the Ruffled Miniskirt, but I think I’ve put together a look that I really like.

Truth Hair

After the craziness that was SLDD yesterday, Truth has released all the hairstyles at his main store. I’m wearing 3 of the girls styles – Milli, Elysium, and Chalice. Not featured here is a men’s styled called Ben. Some day when Boy Gogo gets an upgrade, I might feature the hairstyle here :p

What I’m Wearing:

LeLutka – IFElight-Haiti(D Brows)
Truth – Milla (Cocoa)
Luster – Haute Bunny Ears – Little Bunny(Black)
Intimizzio – Silk Wish Brazier (Black)
Naith Smit – Rock ‘n’Rolla Chain
Naith Smit – Blood Diamonds Ring
Skream! – petiet Purity Chain Necklace (Black)
Luck Inc – Ruffled MiniSkirt (Black)
Maitreya – SoHo Boots (PatentMix Black)

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  1. Elisabeth Villiers

    Try as you may…you do not look like a skanky whore..more like a cute playboy bunny.

  2. Ayami Imako

    I shall admit to often being scantly clad in SL, but thats mostly cause well .. I can’t do it in RL. And thats kinda what SL is about too. Doing the things that reality finds taboo (or impossible at times). And for the record that outfit rocks.

  3. Dawnde

    missing tit tape and body oil! then u have skanky whore down pat :X

    just kidding u look cute

  4. TheShadow99

    *giggles* I have outfits that are far less than that…

    Though personally… I wear scanty nearly nothing clothes in SL when I’m down… Why? Because hearing people drool over it feels good… And it doesn’t hurt me in any way… Though some would argue that it’s ‘degrading’, though I don’t see how it is if I enjoy the feeling it gives me. I’d say the ‘power’, but that makes me sound like I’m into S&M… xD

  5. Estella

    OK, I have to say this at least once-

    Hello daddy
    Hello mom
    I’m your J-J-J-J-J-J-J-J
    Juicy Bomb!

  6. Angelique

    I love your ears, In fact I went in search of these. If they were made by Lo Jacobs they are no longer in her store. Do you have a LM where to purchase them? They are adorable:)

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