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Swedish Blondes!


When I first started blogging, a lot of the “popular” bloggers wore Brunette hair. I started out SL as a Brunette, but changed to Blonde after a couple of months. Even though Gogo is mostly a Blonde now, I really love certain Dark Brown colors, like Espresso or Cocoa. I really can’t stick with one color too long, since I tend to match my hair with whatever skin I’m wearing so it doesn’t look odd. Luckily, this Swedish Blonde shade really works with Light skin tone from LeLutka.

Awhile ago I told a friend of mine that I think I’m going Brunette to change it up a little, she said NOOOOOOOOOO. There are too many Brunette bloggers already, and not enough Blondes. I thought about that, and took a quick look at the fashion feeds, and yep, the assumption that everyone wants to be “Barbie” is just not true. Not everyone is tan and Blonde in SL, a lot of bloggers wear Red or Brunette hair colors. Have you noticed that? It’s rare to see a Platinum Blonde.

Oh damn, I think I’ve rambled on today. What I meant to say was, Truth has four new hairstyles out and I’m loving my Swedish Blonde shade 🙂

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  1. Lizzie Lexington

    I love wearing dark dark almost black hair but I rarely do in my blog for one reason only – its difficult to photograph. The problem with SL images and certain hair colors is that they tend to look flat at times. I found this also true with blonds. I think its extremely difficult to find a nice looking blond texture to begin with then on top of that the photography of the blond loses some of the beauty in certain lighting.

    For Gogo though its about the image you have created – you are THE Blond Blogger and for you to move away from blond may be discombobulating for some. I like you as a blond btw its YOU, LOL.

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