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Truth, Exile, Tiny Bird, Surf Co!

Everybody’s releasing hair this week! YESSSSSSSSS……hairgasm! I’ve decided to wear pink shades from all 3 brands, so check out new hair from Truth, Tiny Bird and Exile below:

pink hair

Truth – Justine | Melinda | Nadia (Bubblegum)

pink hair

Tiny BIrd – By & By (Cotton Candy) | Exile – Micah (Candy)

Surf Co

My bikini, shorts & shoes are all from Surf Co! I’m loving the Shack Shorts which includes sculpted prims that are mod but also scripted to resize. The shorts have such a low waist that the Moana Bikini peeks out from beneath, SO SEXY! All Surf Co separates pairs so well together, I really like being able to mix-and-match.

Visit Surf Co

What I’m Wearing:

LeLutka – IFElight-makeup6(D Brows)
Surf Couture – Girls Boardwalkers
Surf Couture – Moana Bikini
Surf Couture – Shack Shorts (Original)
Truth – Justine, Melinda, Nadia (Bubblegum)
Exile – Micah (Candy)
Tiny BIrd – By & By (Cotton Candy)

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  1. Hepzibah Foxclaw

    Good goodness, this means extreme hair shopping! Thank you, Gogo 😉 And you´re looking pretty cute in pink.

    • Hepzibah Foxclaw

      I must confess I really love hair by Truth. Actually the predominant number of my styles are form there. I like the hairstyles, and they fit best to my av, while I noticed that for example Tiny Bird always seems to be a bit to small, so that I have to tweak my shape to match the hair – although I´m a rather petite little blonde 😉
      With Exile I have actually a style challenge. From my point of view the hairstyle is more exceptional and editorial, which I have to match with my clothes. But I´m young and willing to learn – which means, shopping 😉

  2. Lash

    You know, what I really want?

    I want these hair designers to have a subscription thing wherein they can just send me whatever new releases they have and I can pay some kind of monthly fee for it so I don’t have to go to their store anymore. Just gimme the hair. Feed the addiction, frigging enablers. 😛

    • theshadow99

      I’d so go for this… let us pick a color… maybe even a style (short, long, curls, etc)… and we’d get it sent to us… Maybe CK will eventually do that? CK hair doesn’t even require picking a color anymore… that’s all done later via HUD…

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