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Vive9 Carrot Skins, Deviance Alice

Vive9 - Carrot Skins

Alice welcomes you into this blog post!

Just kidding, it’s just me 😛

This sexy little Alice in Wonderland outfit is from Deviance, one of the best places to get cute costumes inspired by fairytale characters. I love to dress up in SL, but I usually stick to cute/naughty costumes, not sci-fi or scary stuff. I want to try more sci-fi stuff though!

This post features the new Vive9 Carrot skins. I will admit that I did not like this brand when it was first launched, because I thought the work was sloppy and had seams everywhere. Seams are unforgivable, especially in places like the face, torso, legs, or other highly visible places. I was so pleasantly surprised when I tried on Carrot skins and I liked the face and didn’t notice seams everywhere.

This skin is not perfect but it is good enough to buy and wear.

I did notice one thing that annoyed me, and I can’t believe I’m saying this cos it sounds really weird but the palms are too light for the skin tone, and there’s a seam on the hand (which I can live with because it’s not a highly visible area). Here’s a picture to show you what I’m talking about:

Vive9 - Carrot Skins

Now that I have THAT out of the way, onto the makeups and the face itself, which is fantastic! I’m such a fan of youthful faces and rosy cheeks <3

Vive9 - Carrot Skins

Vive9 - Carrot Skins

Vive9 - Carrot Skins

Each skin tone has 9 makeups, and each makeup has 3 brow option (Blonde, Brown, Red) and a freckles version. I’m wearing the Blonde brows and Apricot skin tone here.

Warning! NSFW nekkie picture below! But since this is my first time reviewing Vive9 here, I wanted to show the new body (and any reason to plaster my boobs on Juicybomb is a good reason)!

If you were not a fan of Vive9 before, you might like these skins now.

Visit Vive9

Deviance - Alice in Wonderland

What I’m Wearing:

Vive9 – Carrot Skins (Apricot tone)
Tiny Bird – Time To Pretend II (Ash Blonde) *modified to remove headband*
Deviance – Alice in Wonderland
Shiny Things – Tuli Pumps (Black)

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  1. Leeloo

    Oh these skins look cute! i tried Vive9 before as well and i looked terrible…especially the with the “teeth” skins 🙁 These i may get on board with 😀

  2. Marianne

    Wow! Really natural and sexy pose where you are naked. The boobs look natural, not fake. I guess most of that is your nice boob shape. Do you remember where that pose is from?

  3. Dawnde

    lips seem a little odd to me , like the bottom one is far to small , maybe its all down to taste. very cute still

  4. Nedeko

    For some reason some skin designer taking a lot of attention at the face but the rest just the half attention and than some parts seeming to be ‘forgotten’ to take care of .. i am suprised of this – for my critical taste – difference which seems in color to much huge, and there is seen a border between both color tons.
    I really really like the work on the face but this bright hand inner would make me disoppointing, cause this hands color problem will be shown at some poses. sometimes its better to have some testers (persons you realy trust from your friendlist) – cause the person who creating it, didnt see the things anymore (its not to mean evil its just a fact), gettig feedbad for the parts which really need an overwork and than you can finnally release without having doubts.

    ..but well, just to repeat its a cute skin =)

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