Noir Bon Voyage

Glitterati - Into The Black

So this weekend, a couple of designers are resisting the pastels colors of Spring and releasing Black/Noir items. I’ve been dying to wear this Noir Bon Voyage suit from LeeZu for a few days now! It’s sooo sexy, and LeeZu’s vendor image pairs it with a curly Blonde hairdo, which is what I would normally wear, but I am going with dark hair to match the dark outfit, and erm, the dark box that I’m currently hanging out in.

Who knew that a small space could be so much fun? Glitterati‘s Into The Black is a pose prop that comes with 15 poses and mimics a dark hallway or some place dark…. LOL. The box is modifiable, so you can actually edit it out and use the poses on any flat surface.

Glitterati - Into The Black

Glitterati - Into The Black

Who needs a house and decorations? I could probably invite people to my new box and just chill in here!

What I’m Wearing:

LeLutka – IFElight-Haiti(D Brows)
Celestial Studios – Whitney (Black)
LeeZu – Noir Bon Voyage suit
Love Soul – Prim Nails*mignon* All Colors
Bax Coen – Prestige Boots (Black Leather)

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  1. Hang out in your dark little box? Am I right in feeling scared crapless about this? o.O

  2. If I look menacing, it’s the Black hair!!! If I go back to Blonde, will you hang out in my box? hahaha

  3. The first one of you sitting down looks bad ass Gogo. And yeah the black hair definitely makes you look mean.

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