Kiss my ASS.

Good morning Second Life! Before you look at the t-shirt I’m wearing in this post, I just want you know that there is NO DRAMA. Not today anyways 🙂

This is not directed at anybody in particular, but if you think it applies to you, then you should stop stabbing people in the back, BITCH! LOL, I’m just kidding! Really! (ok maybe it does apply to a few of you, and I hope you have your LIPGLOSS ready cos nobody likes chapped lips kissing their ass)

My friend Milli asked Evie to make a special lil t-shirt for her, and she sent me a copy of it. I didn’t even know that Evie (Evangeline Miles) made t-shirts! I thought she only made gorgeous fantasy gowns?

Milli IM’d me and asked me if I had tried on the t-shirt, of course I hadn’t because my inventory is a black hole, and I only try on stuff when people yell at me to try it on.. LOL SO, I DID!! AND I LOVE IT!!! THANK YOU Evie & Milli!

While you're....

While you’re stabbing my back…

You can kiss my ass, too.

While you're....

If you want a copy of this shirt, you might have to ask Evangeline Miles really really nicely if she’ll send you one.

Also, I love t-shirts with a message.

And I love Evie (visit her shop!) 😛

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  1. Yes haterz kiss my bubble azz 😉 haha need this shirt

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