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Gogo in Frenzoo

Gogo in Frenzoo

I saw a blog post about Frenzoo today and decided to log into my account!! I can’t believe my Frenzoo account is a year old now, cos I logged in maybe 2-3x and was bored with it. They’ve made a lot of improvements and added TONS of new stuff in the shop. I LOOOVE IT. Oh, and they gave me more gold & silver coins! I HAVE MONEYYYYYYYYYY!

I played around with my avatar’s face some more and made the look above.

While Frenzoo is not as interactive as SL, I actually really like it. It’s kind of relaxing to make a look and let’s face it, shopping is shopping! I had a blast shopping in Frenzoo and it didn’t cost me a thing 😛

Create your own Frenzoo account, it’s free!

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  1. Ahh, that an account before but as far as I remember I didn’t quite like it, not even the shopping. The good part I remember was the easy way of creating (though limited it felt) and that it didn’t really ever lag 🙂

  2. hi there,

    i had the same feeling like annie… i never played imvu but it reminds me a lot of it – look of the avies. i dont know but for myself it just kept my attention for 5 minutes before it got boring XD. its more for a target group of an age of 10 or so what ^^.. but yea – no lag. the only advantage.

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