LeeZu Pariizian Suit


LeeZu has just released the Pariizian Suit and yes, it is worn just like this, with lots of boobs showing. I would have liked the straps to cover my nipples, but since this is on a layer, it’s non-adjustable. People who want a more modest look can add a bra underneath, but I find it pretty hot just the way it is!


The Pariizian Suit is avaiable in Air, Earth, and Black color:


I think the suit is pretty great by itself, so I accessorized with a simple ring from Zaara.


The Zaara Kashiti Bobble ring is available in Amethyst, Onyx, Pearl, and Turqouise! Yum! These look good enough to eat.


What I’m Wearing:

LeLutka – E/Estellelight-makeup6(D Brows)
Truth – Sage (Cocoa)
LeeZu – Pariizian Suit (Air)
Zaara – Kashiti Bobble ring (All)
SLink – Tiger Heels (White)

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  1. Rings – yes, yum! Bought them by myself too. Suit? Not so much. Don’t like it. Looks like it isnt finished. Not my style, any way.

  2. that suit is interesting O_o but the twisted strap on the boob and on the leg area would drive me nuts.. i want to untwist them!

  3. Absolutely fascinating design. I love it, and I love trying to think of appropriate places to wear it. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

  4. very nice outfit but unwearable if you dont linger only in adult zones( and not even there sometimes)

  5. I’ve got the news about this suit from LeeZu as well…. and it didn’t fill me with enthusiasm. But it looks amazingly sexy and stylish on you!

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