I Love Olive, Lily Hair

I Love Olive hair

I’m playing with emotes again but I couldn’t capture a nice smile today, so here’s a half-smile 🙂

This new Lily hair from I Love Olive is messy, sexy, and has long wavy locks, totally reminds me of beach hair.

Usually I don’t rave about new hair designers much, cos most of them are not very good, but I think I Love Olive has a lot of potential. I would recommend some flexi prims in future styles to add some movement to the hair, and also work on the sculpted shapes so they’re smoother. Since I don’t make hair, I can’t really say exactly how to fix all these issues, but they’re just recommendations to add even more ‘wow’ to their existing styles.

This is a brand to keep an eye on! 🙂

I Love Olive hair

I Love Olive hair

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  1. You look so sexy on the first picture <3
    Expressions add such a nice touch:)
    Did you do that with a slow motion photography thingie?
    I wish they made something that does that, keeps the lips sliiightly open sorta like the smile attachment, just subtle, for wearing all the time.
    The lips glued together look is so dated
    Good job for trying 🙂
    BTW, nice nose 🙂

  2. Gogo you just rock!!!
    I love your blog but your blog is not very good for my wallet. LOL

    Ehm I wanted to ask where did you got that necklace? It is so cute.

    Thanks for everything 🙂

    Strawberry Feiri

  3. Hello Gogo!
    Thank you very much for covering our LILY hair this week. We are so happy that ppl like what we do and recognize our potential couse we are indeed still very young on sl market…and being covered by such established blogger as you are drives us even more to be better and work harder. All recomendations are always taken in count and they realy help us to create each time better and better items. So flexy pieces are on top-priority list ;)… and Lizzie thank you for heart warming comment 🙂

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