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2Real Pure Sneakers


2Real has just released the PURE Sneakers and they include a HUD to change each part (individually or all at once) 14 different colors and 5 different textures. I’m showing you all 5 of the textures available in the image above, and one custom Pink&White plain version that I colored myself.

The textures shown above are: Playboy | Mic Rocka | New York | Graffiti | Camo


2Real – PURE Sneakers HUD

As you can see, the HUD is very intuitive and easy to use. I think these sneakers are well done, and you really get your money’s worth if you like the sculpts & colors available. I didn’t like the color choices offered, they were too bold and my favorite hot Pink color was was not included ;(


One thing the HUD has that I haven’t seen in other shoes, is lace options! I love that!


2Real – Pure Seakers (Playboy texture)

Here’s a close up of the PURE Sneakers with the Playboy texture, which is one of MY favorites (cos it’s pink) but I think it was a poor choice to use this copyrighted logo.

A lot of people gave me flack last year for blogging the UBU Drunks sneakers, because they said it was similar to RL Nike shoes, but it didn’t use a copyrighted logo! So really, it’s up to you if you want to buy these or not. I’m not an expert on copyright laws, so I won’t say if it’s right or wrong, just that it’s frowned upon.

Urban Bomb Unit (UBU) Drunks

Here’s a close-up of the UBU Drunks from last year, which I still wear and love.

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  1. spencer

    2real shoes lag hell.
    if you dont care your shoes eating as much memory as the rest of the sim combined, youre good with them.
    but for my computer these are just too much.. if i get a bad framerate drop i ususaly just need to find the guy with 2reals and derender them.

  2. Coke Dreadlow

    These look awesome for sure! As a sneaker creator, It puts the bar higher for me and everyone else 🙂 Though i have to add, lately reducing lag is becoming an important issue. Content creators try to go more into detail every time in order to beat their competition by using higher texture resolutions, sculpties for the smallest parts (i saw sculpted stitches the other day) and a bunch of features which require a lot of scripts… I know all about it because i’m guilty myself too :S I guess we should ease a little on this… otherwise guys like spencer will derender all our stuff 😀 I know i’m paying more attention to this in my future creators.

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