The Library, not quite so ugly anymore

Hey guys! Did you know there are new hairstyles in the Library folders?

Go to Library > Accessories > Hair Design Options (Colors & Styles) folder

I found 6 hairstyles from Truth Hawks!!

TRUTH - Library hair

TRUTH - Library hair

New players, there is NO excuse to wear ugly hair now! I didn’t go through everything, but there are some real gems in the Library folders now.

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  1. That is such an awesome idea!. Finally something newbies will like to wear & it will look good on them.

  2. Oo! I love the first one! What viewer are you using? Asking because I’m using Emerald, and I don’t even have the Hair Design Options (Colors & Styles) folder.. so I was wondering maybe it came with the new SL viewer (if that’s what you’re using)..

  3. Actually theres 8 by Truth it seems.. my faves are the bottom left two you have pictured. I’m hardly a new player but I will be wearing the heck out of those two.

  4. oh good advice to take a look there! i never watched my libery folders again since i started sl! i should do now 😀

  5. well ups and downs on this – finally some skins for noobs that are semi-decent – END OF THE YELLOW NOOB – and some quite good clothes too, however having just worked to get my inventory under 17000 it jumped up to 17500 and library items CANNOT BE DELETED unless you wear them first – I’m in for a long easter weekend i see.

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