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Amazing free skins

Free Skins


LeLutka and Vive9 gave out skins this week and they make me so happy!! Even though I have more skins than anyone one avatar deserves, I still get excited every time skin makers give away their awesome skins!

LeLutka gave group members 3 makeups in one skin tone each and all options. I’m wearing the LeLutka – IFElight-VAMP(D Brows). Isn’t it stunning? There’s no excuse to run around in newbie skin when you can STILL grab this in the Lelutka group in-world.

I typically hate joining paid groups, but the Vive9 Clothing & Beauty group ($150 join fee) gave group members a preview pack of the Marianne II skin in all skin tones & all options. This includes with teeth (gross!) and without teeth (yay!) as well as freckles and no freckles options. I think the face is very sweet.

If you’re looking for a cheap way to score some new skins, check these two brands out! 🙂

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  1. Bech.

    Well… About Vive9 – I love most of their stuff, I always did. I remember finding that store when it was brand new and got more excited with each new release.
    This is just a prewviev pack of Marianne II skin, but anyway.. I think these skins aren’t their best. The color of the head and body differs too much.
    (At least it’s head+legs that differs from the torso and arm area.
    At least the face is very cute! Though, the teeth are not nice, no – maybe if they were both up and down. I tried making that on an own skin once but didn’t turn out well 😉
    Probably because I’m no skin designer LOL 😀

  2. Tess

    Amazing gift from LeLutka. I adore Ife.

  3. KateK

    How is possible to find Vive9 in SL? (I’m a new in SL)

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