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Look under my skirt!! I love sculpted skirts because YOU CAN!

AOHARU has just released some their Spring clothing line and it’s completely delicious and full of floral patterns. I am wearing the FlowerStrawplessDress, and I love the sculpted skirt with lace trimmings. Each dress includes two different skirt styles.


This sculpted dress is very easy to wear and move around in because the prim skirt shape is rounder, giving more room for people with a wider hip or a bigger butt (like mine! lol).


I’m wearing the FlowerStrawplessDress with new ANEXX FringeSweedSneakers. Each pair of sneakers comes with 3 different ‘pattern types’ – Plain colored, Paisley, or Rose pattern. I think these are the cutest sneakers ever, and so feminine!!


ANEXX – FringeSweedSneaker (White, Pink, Ivory)


A closer look of the amazing details on the suede fringe & beads.


Visit AOHARU and ANEXX!!

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  1. *_*

    OMG, those sneakers is a MUST HAVE!! <3

  2. Bech.

    By the way, which viewer do you use? Do you always change the settings? I heard that if one changes the color settings other avatars can see me like ehh, all green or whatever?
    I think I tried it long ago because a skin creator said it was required for her skins to work, heh. I don’t remember though.

  3. Nihil

    i have a quick question for you. i bought the strapless dress and, of course, it’s no mod. usually aoharu has a resize script, but i can’t seem to get mine to resize. did you resize yours?

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