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I love secrets. Who doesn’t? And most people think that *I* cannot keep a secret, which is not true. I can keep a secret if I determine that they’re not telling me the secret to manipulate me. For example, I hate when a “friend” tells a secret and says “oh I am only telling you this” right before they ask you for a bunch of favors. Screw off!

I feel like there are secrets and then there are secrets.

How do you feel when your friends tell you secrets, do you like it or hate it? Can you keep a secret to yourself??

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  1. kesseret

    So I have a hard time answering this. I honestly have people in my life (I hesitate to call them friends) that tell things to me because they want me to leak it. Sadly I disappoint them! And I also have people who will tell me things to manipulate me and I refused to let them do it by /ignoring. 9 times out of 10 I have dumped the above people out of my life, but some of them still are around because the problem of removing them is far greater than the simple act of ignoring.

    As for friends, I hope any one of my friends knows they can trust me with whatever they would like to keep in confidence.

  2. Bech

    Only a couple of persons has told me secrets and wanted me to leak them, but that was back in 6th grade. The rest has been honest secrets about their soft spots, kind of.
    I once leaked a secret by accident and it really broke the trust between me and a close friend. It wasn’t such a “super secret” in my opinion say it was also the whole thing about keeping it secret.
    Whatever secrets people tells me, I will keep them to myself until they say so. I won’t even leak it even if they “seem” to want it.
    The only secrets I’ve decided to leak has been my own..;} Aouch.
    “..My only secret and I had to go and leak it.. My secret garden is not so secret anymore”

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