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Friday released four new hairstyles this week, and it’s pretty exciting for me. I just LOVE new hair – especially cos I feel that the Friday Blonde texture is really bright & happy. Friday hairstyles are pretty stiff, and would totally benefit from having a few flexi prims added to it – but the overall styles & texture is great. I like that they’ve added scripting to the hair accessories so I can easily select Pink from the menu without having to manually tint it myself.


Friday – Anna | Scarlett | Adriana | Scarlett 2 (Happy Blond texture)

Do you like my facial expression? LOL! It took me a couple of minutes to get just the right look and also make sure the eyes line up well with my prim lashes. Emotes are SO much fun, but such a pain when the prim lashes cannot move with it.


If you like my BabyDoll top, check out Nymphetamine Boutique! This is the Vivy BabyDoll top in White, part of the Vivy White Wedding Dress, and the BabyDoll should be worn as lingerie (with matching panties) but I’m wearing some jean shorts with it since I think it can be worn as a casual top, too.

What I’m Wearing:

LeLutka – IFElight-makeup3(L Brows)
Nymphetamine Boutique – Vivy BabyDoll (White)
G-Field – Wedge Tong Sandal “Sunny”

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  1. Lizzie Lexington

    There seems to be a trend among a few of the hair designers i really like to create stiff hair. I just wish they would add a few flexis. I want wearable hair along with hair that’s beautiful to photograph. I love Clawtooth, Lamb and Friday but please just a few flexis, pretty please with sugar on it!

  2. Estella

    I was going to say the EXACT same thing, Lizzie. For some designers I look like I have plaster on my head. I can live with it for the updos, but for loose hair I just avoid buying it.

  3. Maretch

    Hi Gogo! 🙂 How are you? 😀 I really love your blog and I check it every single day. I thought I’d ask you, is your shape available at your store? I really really love it! It’s adorable 🙂 I would defiantly buy it.

    Thank you!! <333

    (I'm sorry if this was posted twice, it gave me some errors)

  4. Bunny

    I agree 100% with above. The hair from, lamb, clawtooth is absolutely awesome. I love the textures and the funky original styles… unfortunately anything that isn’t an updo or is longer than shoulder length I can’t stand to wear it. Drives me bonkers.

    @ gogo: I’ve been working on the facial expression stuff in pictures also and it really is challenging but fun. (You are my inspiration for that effort btw!) Mostly I just end up taking lashes off because the idea of resizing them is just too much to bear. =P

    ps I’d love a linkback if you’d like to:

  5. Anon123

    Gogo,you always post a bunch of hair from truth,exile,lamb and…why dont you try other stores…i dont know why the whole of sl fashionista brigade is stuck on hair thats more ahem ‘popular’…granted the fact that these stores do actually have great hair textures and all…but really what about a little bit of oldies like analog dog,jolie femme,bishwear,cake,shop sue,magika and i mean stores that make hair actually look like hair?

  6. Kathya

    Hey bunny… u caught my attention… quick question? by any chance u’ve got a tutorial oh the expressions? how to do it? let me know please…
    Gogo, quick question…. where are those shorts from? mind sharing the lm? thanks!

  7. Bunny


    Gogo wrote a mini tutorial about it awhile back, and the advice then holds true today. You can find it in her left sidebar. =)

    You can find several decent emoter huds on xstreet for free, and they can be used to create the emotes found in the default “gestures” menu and combination faces too.

    good luck 😀

    <3 Bunny

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