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I like Oldbie brands, just not outdated

Someone left a comment on my blog about hair and I thought I would answer it, cos actually it’s a very good question!!

Gogo,you always post a bunch of hair from truth,exile,lamb and…why dont you try other stores…i dont know why the whole of sl fashionista brigade is stuck on hair thats more ahem ‘popular’…granted the fact that these stores do actually have great hair textures and all…but really what about a little bit of oldies like analog dog,jolie femme,bishwear,cake,shop sue,magika and i mean stores that make hair actually look like hair?

Hi Anon! You’re totally right, I do wear Exile, Truth, LeLutka, Friday and a few other brands more than others because I love their Blonde textures and their hairstyles. These brands are undeniably good, and they have mass appeal.

In the past, I have worn ALL of the other oldbie brands that you have mentioned in your comment. I still wear Cake hair from time to time, and also go back to “oldbie” brands when they release new stuff. Cake, for example, has evolved and stayed pretty up-to-date. I won’t wear my very old Cake hairstyles (3 yrs old) but I will wear the newer releases because Stumbelina has incorporated sculpts and updated her textures. That’s the key for me, and I think for a lot of people in SL, especially fashion bloggers. We like NEW. We want our hair to match our skins. Skins have drastically improved over the past years and so, we want our hair to look just as good. If an oldbie brand does not evolve, it just becomes well, old.. and outdated.

I’m not hating on any of the brands you’ve mentioned in particular.. just saying, perhaps you don’t see them featured more prominently is because they just don’t look that great. People want VALUE for their money. Why buy “new” hair that looks outdated from brands that have not evolved?

Btw, I have a lot of oldbie brands in my inventory, some I haven’t worn in years. I’m just too lazy to box them up and too sentimental to delete them.

I’ve deleted a few hair brands from my inventory cos they’re too old but I’ve kept almost everything that I might still wear from time to time.

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  1. Cajsa Lilliehook

    I organize completely differently! I have a folder for Hair where I store boxed hair in folders labeled Long/Medium/Short/Updo/Tails. Then I have my Red Hair folder. In that folder I have Long (with folders for curly/pulled back/straight/wavy/wild), Medium (curly/straight), Short (avant garde/curly/straight), Updos (Casual/Editorial/Formal/Retro), Tails (offset/one/two/more), Hat Hair (casual/formal/vintage/jewelry)

  2. Wilma Delgado

    Organized?? what?? what’s that?

  3. Amira Footman

    I completely agree with you Gogo. Of course beauty is in the eye of the beholder but when it comes to quality of texture and style there just is no beating Truth, Maitreya, and co. As far as Magika goes, I LOVE their styles, possibly even more than Truth (!!) but their textures just do not appeal to me, if they updated their textures to more up to date/realistic colours I’d be there buying out the whole store. I used to wear Analog Dog all the time, and have one style I drag out every now and again, but, I think it goes with anything, our tastes evolve, what appealed to us 6 months ago probably doesn’t appeal to us anymore, the key to those ‘oldbie’ stores successes is ensuring they evolve with us.

  4. Miia Limondi

    I want your inventory.. lol =P

  5. Roslin Petion

    Gogo, perhaps I’m just speaking for myself here but I personally am not a fan of the oldbie brands the reader suggested because use a LOT of alpha and I find the alpha sorting to be very distracting and not aesthetically pleasing to me. I’m also curious why your reader implies that something ‘real’ looking is automatically better. I think that’s a subjective preference. Many would argue that some of the highly-stylized hand-drawn content creators are among the best out there and they are far from ‘real’ looking (nylon, toast, juliette, and others of tableau ). All that said, I think it’s your blog and you don’t owe it to anyone to feature anything other than what you like.

    • Anon123

      “I’m also curious why your reader implies that something ‘real’ looking is automatically better.”
      Something real automatically looks better.Atleast for me(and hopefully a couple of others),when i entered Sl…the first thing i noticed how real the avatars were,their skin..the shoes..shading etc..then is indeed a subjective preference.My comment didnt imply that handrawn textures are inferior in anycase..they are actually fantastic and most of the times a lot better…guess all ‘kinds’ of hair have a good and bad.And all that said,she does not owe it to me or anyone to feature something she doesnt was a suggestion and an opinion.

  6. Anon123

    i know,thats my point exactly…some old stores do not update their hair often..and they have hair that look like a pile of bricks.However,i was generally stating the ones who are Actually evolving and making awesome tresses but still dont get the kind of liking/publicity(if i may say) like the new ones.
    in anycase,to each their own 🙂
    on a side note,dang thats a lotta hair!

  7. Desiree

    *drools* over Gogo’s organized inventory! If I give you my password, Gogo, will you organize my 90K mess??
    I know what you mean, though. I was thinking exactly the same thing recently about Calla Hair – perhaps the oldest hair store in SL. And I feel the same way about my black and white hairstyles that you do about your blondes. It’s really hard to find good white hair that’s not gray or bluish or even pink. And I like my blacks to have streaks of gray highlighting to give it ooomph.

  8. Maegen Parvenu

    I’m really, really into hair – I probably have more of it than anything else in my inventory – so maybe you could argue that perhaps I’m not as discerning as others in which ones I wear, but I don’t necessarily agree that texturing your hair a certain way (I mean, Cake has been doing that for about five years) or using sculpts necessarily makes your hair more “up to date”. Maybe I’m alone in this, but I for one am mystified as to why we decried the “helmet hair” look when flexis came out and oohed and aahed about the realistic flowy movement, and then jumped right back on the helmet hair bandwagon when sculpts came out. I’d much rather have flowing hair that is facing the way it should be in pictures than have a perfectly coiffed head of stiff sculpty hair sticking off to the side. So sure, maybe some of my hairstyles could have been as easily made four years ago as one, but I still find them absolutely beautiful.

  9. Leigh

    I agree.
    I absolutely love the styles at Magika, but I will never buy it because I RP and need to stick with brown hair, and I hate their textures.
    The only colour I would buy in Magika would be black, but the textures are so flat and not to my taste that I dont.
    They have beautiful styles. It irks me so much.

  10. Ayami Imako

    I still regularly wear hair from Calico Ingmann, DK, !lamb, Kin, Red Queen, BP* (love her bobs), Dernier Cri, and Exile. They all all quite good stuff and have really unique hairstyles. Some are more realistic then others .. Dernier for example has really beautiful realistic styles with great whispy alpha hair textures, where as kin is more anime style almost drawn with very polished smooth looks .. but all of them are really pretty with the right skin, clothes, and overall look.

  11. TheShadow99

    I eventually sorted my into broad categories like ‘clothes’, ‘hair’, ‘shoes’, etc and then made folders for each brand to sort my mess… though most of the time I get new stuff and it takes months to actually put them where they belong… xD

    On another note, I also see: Zero Style, Gurl 6, ETD, and a few other places I’ve never owned hair from in their…. That I’ve never owned hair form them is kinda impressive…

    Though I do note an absence of Curious Kitties, my alt wears them almost exclusively at the moment. They even have this fun HUD color changing option, so you can change the hair colors as you feel like it, which is frankly rather interesting and I hadn’t seen it in hair before.

  12. Peter Stindberg

    I love ETD hair. I have worn ETD hair for ages, and only recently switched to Truth. Of course ETD is a bit dated by now, but they still can compete.

  13. JeanGenie Jewell

    i dont buy the new hair a lot..i dont like them a lot..i much more prfer some oldies from Analog Dog ( and the new ones too) or my favourite Laq hair…new hair is too stiff for me..I don’t follow fashions lol, only what i like..

  14. Teal Turbo

    Gogo~ you have quite the hair collection.

    For me the hair has to move in order for me to love it. Nothing like stiff hair. Everyone is wearing Truth tho, but the texture’s and haircolor and detail are spot on. So, people buy what looks good yanno?

    I have a style from Cake that has defined my look.
    And it moves amazingly.
    -Teal Turbo

  15. Nedeko

    I don’t care about ‘new or old’ stuff – so long they have a good quallity but here again: tastes go far in every direction what is liked and what is disliked. i guess the middle way is to mix old/new stuff up. and much more to keep your OWN style – so long you feeling good with your choosement. doesnt believing ppl will ignore your blog just cause you wearning hairs which arnt brand new 😉


  16. who is

    a clue.. all of the monday admins are in the starlust group.

    they dont even have an in-world group for, but theyre in starlust..

    hm? 😉

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