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KA Designs Molly Skin

KA Designs - Molly

KA Designs has just introduced a new skin line, Bardot, and the first face in this line is Molly. I think Molly has a flawless look, the skin texture is SO smooth, and I love the shape of the brows.

Each Molly skin tone comes with 10 makeups, 3 brows options, and 3 hair base options (to match the brows).

KA Designs - Molly

KA Designs - Molly

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KA Designs - Molly

My outfit today is a mix-and-match of some pieces from Ricielli. This brand is new to me, and I really like their styles & variety of colors. I was surprised to find the shop already has so many clothing pieces released!! I’m wearing the Ricielli Ballone top and Longtop 2, and pairing it with the Ricielli Joanne high waist short in various colors.

I’ll have to show you more from Ricielli in another blog post!!

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  1. Ninna Dazy

    Hi, where are your lashes from?

  2. Camryn Fouroux

    My question is, how do you get your eyelashes to fit right? I always have trouble with them! The bottoms look good, but the tops are half embedded in my face and you cant see part of them. If I position them out, then they look like they are floating in front of my eyes! It is sooo frustrating. Love the skins by the way.

  3. Bech

    I’m really glad that you provide us with such eye candy pretty much every day 🙂

    Something I wonder (haven’t been to Truth for a while) is if the hair is modify or at least has a resize script? I bought demo’s on Xstreetsl a couple of days ago and those didn’t have that option.. So I couldn’t really see how they’d fit.

  4. Plastic Swords

    Isn’t the skinline called Garbo? Anyway you look pretty and i love Ricielli too they’re becoming a favourite :))

    @Bech obviously the demo hairs arn’t modify because that would ruin the point, but all hairs at Truth are modify/copy

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