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New Exile hair!!


Exile – Carlotta (Chestnut)


Exile – Maris (Chestnut)

Exile has just released 3 new hairstyles! Two are for women, and one for men. I’m only featuring the two women’s hairstyle (cos you do NOT want to see my boy shape… he’s very metro looking). I love this particular shade of Chestnut brown so much, it goes great with Brown brows. I’m just as particular with my Brown shades as I am with my Blondes!

Psst, a little birdie told me that there’s a cute little group gift at Exile. It’s the Carlotta hairstyle in a special color.

Visit Exile!

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  1. Jas Core

    hello…i love your website…pleeeeeease link me :))
    would love to be part of it :))

    Hugs Jas

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