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A friend of mine asked me why so many avatars on the feed put things in their mouth — like ridiculous things, that have no business being there. When the trend first started, it was limited to things like lollipops, ice cream, cigarettes, duct tape, etc. Then people started attaching cassette tapes, buttons, household objects, and little animals.

I think putting objects in your mouth is OK — I don’t mind it in the right situations! But I’ve seen people blog a formal gown, while omnomnomnoming* on a little mouse.

Here’s a list of reasons why *I* think so many people are putting things in their mouth:

  • They’re hungry! Omnomonomnomnommmmm!
  • They’re accessorizing!
  • They want to draw attention away from their non-matching prim feet.
  • They’re trying to save prims (by wearing it instead of rezzing it).

That’s all I can think of for now.

*Omnomnom = eating sounds! My plurk pals recently enlightened me that this is cute and not retarded, so I stand corrected. OM NOM NOM NOM LOL!

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  1. Lizzie Lexington

    I think these things are ridiculous. But then again I am a bitch Ha!

  2. Marianne

    It’s overused. Mouth accessories are like bling. A subtle hint now and then is fine, but too much and all the time, and it’s tacky.

  3. Violet

    I rarely have things in my mouth, but sometimes I am just in the mood to have something there.

  4. Xtina

    I wear them occasionally for fun. Very rare though.

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