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I am wearing all different pieces from Ricielli — credits below:

What I’m Wearing:

Outfit 1:
Ricielli – Anita High Waist Skirt / Black
Ricielli – Longtop 2 / Purpuraa
MANDALA – Pearl Rain Jewelry Set / Rose Pink

Outfit 2:
Ricielli – Anita High Waist Skirt / White
Ricielli – Ballone top / Silver

Outfit 3:
Ricielli – Longtop 2 / White
Ricielli – Anita High Waist Skirt / Turquoise
RiCielli – Misseiling jacket / White

Outfit 4:
Ricielli – VLIET Minidress / Black

The outfits were fun to mix-and-match, I’m sure you’ll find something  to add to your wardrobe if you check it out 🙂

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  1. Ami Burner

    Hi Gogo.
    You are looking smashing!
    I know you love a good juicy gossip lollipop more than anyone, so here I go.

    I recently had come into contact with a girl named “Tegan” on Second Life. (If you decide to spread my story, anything, I will give you the full name.)
    I met this girl while I was at a virtual beach. Of course, sometimes we all love to bust out of our Armidi clothing and show our gorgeous carved Lelutka boobage. I guess this girl was no exception, but she lacked the “Armidi” and “Lelutka” parts. Basically, she looked a bit like a noob, by my standards.
    I didn’t think anything of her until she started insulting me.
    She kept telling me I was “whining” because I was making comments about lag and how I had crashed fifteen times during the last thirty minutes.
    I decided to ignore her a little bit, she was just a noob. I didn’t care much.
    Then, I typed to a sandbox to take pictures with my friend.
    My friend wanted to send me the photos, and so I told my email address in public chat. Little did I know, this Tegan girl had overheard that I was tping to Skybeam Sandbox, and was lurking underneath, listening to the chat, while I pasted in my email.
    I decided to let it go, and I logged off, a happy little camper, to go get some icecream.
    Three hours later, still today, I log into my gmail account, which is what I used to set up my business myspace and also, my Second Life.
    I looked into my outbox, and there are literally 46 messages (I counted) responding to craigslist ads labeled, “ANAL play for you and I”, “Lonely Mom Seeking Young Female Lover”, etc.
    It is a person, saying her name is Tegan, saying she plays the game Second Life, claiming she is on her “roommates email”, and listing at least 12 different AIM accounts to contact her at.
    I also have my paypal information and Wells Fargo information set up through that email.

    Currently, from paypal purchases to Wells Fargo withdrawals, this girl has taken $10,000 of real, United States Dollars.

    I am currently, right now, in the process of contacting the police.

    • LaDonna Upshaw

      Ami – Once again you demonstrate that the only thing your head is good for is a hat rack.

      In your post, you say “Basically, she looked a bit like a noob, by my standards.” This, from an avatar that prances about Second Life in all her demo regallia? You can’t be serious!

      You don’t wear radar? You can’t see when someone is within chat distance of you? You call out your e-mail address in publc chat? And from your e-mail address she was able to hack your Paypal and Wells Fargo accounts? And you post here before you contact the Police?

      This is an incredible story Ami – Maybe you could sell it to Wired Magazine and make back that 10K in US dollars you say you lost. That you actually expect people to believe your story is another issue all together.

      You are in dire need of inpaitent care Ami – and I hope you get some soon.

    • LaDonna Upshaw

      I am sorry, but in reading your post, I have additional questions.

      “I met this girl while I was at a virtual beach”

      “Then, I typed to a sandbox to take pictures with my friend.
      My friend wanted to send me the photos, and so I told my email address in public chat. Little did I know, this Tegan girl had overheard that I was tping to Skybeam Sandbox, and was lurking underneath, listening to the chat, while I pasted in my email.”

      How could this person track you down? Even if she knew what sandbox you were teleporting to, finding you there would not be easy – we are talking about a sim here, not a 512 parcel. You expect us to believe that this person could pinpoint your exact location within moments?

      You are simply amazing.

  2. Millie Gears

    Not to state the obvious…but maybe you should have thought twice before typing your email address in public chat.

  3. Lizzie Lexington

    How did she get her passwords? This story sounds odd!

  4. Gogo

    Well, hello drama fest!

    Ami – Good luck with that.

    Millie – sorry about the email earlier! I thought you were directing the email comment at me, since I didn’t recall doing that, but after reading Ami’s comment, it makes so much more sense now, lol.

  5. James Schwarz

    Bitch please WTF is this shit.

  6. Gidge

    God Gave us IM so that the entire grid can’t hear us talk in chat. She should investigate it’s wonders.

  7. LadyCatherine Fairey

    Wow Ami Great story!! Have you ever thought of being an Author cause boy the stories get better and better, your standards? I don’t think I ever saw you without a demo skin/hair on, thank goodness most of SL does NOT fit your standards.

  8. Ami Burner

    Blow me, stupid bitches.

  9. Ami Burner

    Because your mind cannot grasp the facts doesn’t mean they aren’t true, you pathetic skanks.

    Obviously you haven’t seen my many times, because I am a model and own skins. Yes. And I look better than you in every one. Even if I am in a demo.
    So, I understand the digs about my avatar, because its quite obviously jealousy.

    But to stalk down my posts and comment on them, well, that is just insane. Please, purchase a life from one of your little virtual noob hangouts and leave mine alone.

  10. Ami Burner

    LaDonna –
    Quite funny you find it hard to locate one person at a sandbox!
    It’s not a whole sim, actually. It’s a not-too-large parcel of land surrounded my stores. Its not too hard to cam around and look for a persons avatar. Actually, noobs can do it! Ha!

    Lizzie – It’s called hacking.

  11. Ami Burner

    LaDonna, again, because LaDonna obviously feels the need to investigate every corner of my life, and make a comment about it –
    I’ve seen YOUR avatar, darling. And LadyCatherine’s. You stand in no place to make comments about it, unless that comment is praise, saying how incredibly gorgeous I am.
    On to the next.
    No, I don’t wear radar. I’m using 2.0 and have yet to find my radar button, and FRANKLY, bitch, I didn’t think that this would happen. You lack knowledge of the real world and the virtual world, so please don’t make comments until you’ve got your fugly ass head screwed on right.

  12. Nora

    Acting like a spoilt know it all,pathetic,girl you might want read back on your rantings and laugh,the only judgemental is the paranoid YOU.
    WTG there’s two lives 1st and 2nd you obviously are the one who cannot differ between the two,let alone having to call innocent humans,bitches and skanks,i doubt anyone really cares what you think.
    I would assume you are a troubled RL low-life:)) Greetings

  13. Millie Gears

    Wow Ami…once again you’ve shown yourself up for what you really are. A nasty horrible piece of work.

    And honey, you think we “stalk down your posts” to comment on them? LOL! This is a FASHION BLOG, not a place you come to share your crazy weird stories. Get over yourself, and get in touch with a shrink while you’re at it.

  14. LaDonna Upshaw

    Darling Ami

    I have many things in life to be grateful for.

    My health.

    My friends.

    and that I am not you.

  15. Lizzie Lexington

    Ami seriously chill out….this story had no relevance to gogo’s post at all. And I simply don’t believe you. Sorry.

  16. Estella

    Totally random and completely unnecessary…end of story.

  17. Ami Burner

    Well, do you need photographs?
    What the fuck, because its fucking true.

    Maybe you don’t understand what its like for someone to steal stuff from you, and the when you try to tell about it, warn people, some
    tell you its not true.

  18. Nora

    Doesn’t give you any reason to curse,swear and be generally jumped up and nasty towards others,call yourself a human being,yeah right,maybe you will find that a civil attitude will get you heard,grow up!!!Or actually get the faff out of SL if it aggrivates you that much,but on your mental level,understand this NOBODY GIVES A FUCK.And a female who swears is just pathetic call yoursef that? lmao yeah yeah!bah blah blah,droan,moan,i’m Ami and i’m a lil drama queen attention seeking skank.WE ALL IGNORE HER NOW:) isn’t there a MUTE BUTTON.

  19. Kate

    Any story that begins with

    “I know you love a good juicy gossip lollipop more than anyone, so here I go.”

    Sounds more like “LOOK AT ME!!!! LOOK AT ME!!!!” than it does “Don’t let this happen to you.”

    So don’t go getting all holy here – you were not warning anybody of anything – you were just trying to get someone to pay attention to you.

    And by what i have read in the posts here? No one really cares.

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