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SL Clothing Fair 2010

I was so lucky to get a sneak peek of SL Clothing Fair 2010. I love the theme this year, it’s different fashion capitols of the world, so every sim has a different build and theme. It’s so easy to navigate and you’re not in danger of going around in circles (like I was last year, cos I think it was the Pirates theme on all the sims).

Anyways, I bought more than I should have, as usual! I tried to pick some interesting costumes, but also ended up purchasing a few casual pieces, too. If you’re looking for a good place to start, I would suggest the CF Tokyo sim, where I found this fantastic Bunny outfit! I can’t remember which sims the other outfits were located on, so be sure to visit all of them.

SL Clothing Fair 2010

KWZ – Lace Hood B White — Rabbit (Kariwanz Felisimo)

LittleGirl Oriental Design Dress 015 – Nan B-Green (Beaumont Ryba)

SL Clothing Fair 2010

Atomic – RFL Babydoll Brick (Ivy Graves)

G-Field – Silky Blouse “Charlotte” Pink (Cerberus Noel)

For all the latest SL Clothing Fair 2010 info, visit the official website!

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  1. Dahlia

    Heys! Could you share where the hair in the 3rd pic (the one with the wine colored dress) is from? It’s supaaa cute

  2. Gogo

    Hi Dahlia! That hair is from Exile – Cherry style šŸ™‚

  3. Goli Fierenza

    Hihi Gogo šŸ™‚

    I’d like to be added to your blog roll if I may.

    Goli šŸ™‚

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