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Surf Couture, I love you

Surf Couture

Surf Couture had a pretty big release recently!! I love these new romantic and flowy Sway Sundresses, and matching Spring Fling Wedges. They’re super easy to mix-and-match cos the colors complement each other so well.

I’m especially happy that the Sway Sundresses has not one, but THREE attachments for the skirt, ensuring that no matter which way you move, your leg does not poke through the sculpted prim skirt. The skirt includes a large Skirt Base prim, and two smaller Skirt Leg prims, this is genius!

To complete my look, I paired the Sway Sundress with Surf Couture’s new Brass Rings Leather Belts. The belt has great textures and fits pretty well, I did not have to resize at all, yay.

Visit Surf Couture

Surf Couture

My photos are taken at Emvee Cuba. I thought this sim was for sale and disappearing from the grid soon, but when I was there today snapping photographs, I noticed that the “for sale” signs have been removed. Did they get a new buyer already or are they planning on staying? Either way, check out this place before it’s gone (or if you haven’t been!).

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  1. delilas

    I love emvee cuba, I hope its there to stay!

  2. Cassie

    Sorry Gogo, but that dress gives you double cow boobs. The sculpted drape on the bodice should be lower.
    Nice print tho.

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