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Tuli Eva Skins

Tuli Eva

Hi guys! I am kicking off your Monday with a more in-depth preview of the Tuli Eva skins! The release is just 3 days away, so I hope I’m not being too much of a tease.

Eva comes in 10 makeups, 2 cleavage options, and three brows! Tuli pretty much has everything that *I* like covered — I love regular boobs & a bit of a cleavage boost, and I loooove different brows choices to match a variety of hair colors.

Tuli Eva

Tuli – Eva brows – Light – Brown – Black

Here’s a preview of all 10 of the makeups available:

Tuli Eva

Tuli Eva

Tuli Eva

This face is so sexy! The skin tone & texture is so realistic and so easy to photograph. The skin looks so different on my shape, but that’s what I really like about it. I feel like this skin has a more mature look, and begs to be worn with darker hair. For me, Tuli’s skins have always been better for Brunettes, so that’s what I usually wear it with.

How I choose my hair color for any skin depends on how the skin looks on me — does it scream Blonde, or Brunette? Even though most skins are pretty versatile and works with many hair colors, there’s always a “perfect” hair color for any skin, that will just work together to make everything more realistic.

Tuli Eva skins are available on March 18th @ Tuli’s Main Store on Journey.

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  1. Megz

    I have been waiting for this skin to come out ever since Tuli sent the group gift out. Every time this woman releases a skin, it’s better than the last and always blows me away! Her skins are absolute perfection and I’m counting the hours until March 18.

  2. Andria Meredith

    You tease!! Haha, just kidding! I watching the clock waiting for those skins to come out though! Do want. <3

  3. Nedeko

    Eva is since the group gift one of my personal favs skins. i really looking forward that this skin comes out! <3

  4. Mairead Fitzgerald

    What shape are you wearing with this skin?

    I noticed you never tell that when you do a skin review. 🙂 People wanna know! At least this people does. lol

  5. Zoe

    This people wanna know also!
    Which shape are you wearing, and is it in your store?

  6. Par1s breen

    Hehe This Person Wants The Eyes & Lashes lol XD

  7. Kira Zobel

    I love the way the skins look. Too bad they look horrible on me. 🙁

  8. alice

    gogo which hair is that in the first pic?

  9. zoe

    Gogo, please, which shape are you wearing?
    Its lovely and the skins simply DONT work on my shape, but I love the skins!!

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