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Truth Hair

Truth – Fearne | Mena | Leona (Bubblegum)

Check it out.. new Truth releases this week!

The first hair pack I have ever purchased in SL was a Pink hair pack from Taunt. I have a big fondness for pink hair and I hope that all designers have at least ONE Pink color, cos it really goes with a lot of stuff! And it’s happy!

My favorite hair from this release is the Leona style. I would love this hair if it had two ponytails too.. maybe Leona II? *pokes Truth*

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  1. I bought all three in my usual black. Leona was my favorite too. The style is just so pretty. Though I really like the little curly part on Fearne. All three are awesome though.

  2. I have always loved your blog and finally put a link to it… from my site..
    I jsut wanted to say KUDOS on showing the bubblegum Truth Hair..
    I was jsut saying not many bloggers sshow the unique or different colors..
    WHat a perfect time to show.. Your TRUE colors.. Easter colors are sexy too..
    Thank you for your inspiration. I had jsut completed my blog then came to peek. and viola.. we were both feeling in the pink…

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