Laqroki Elena Skin

Laqroki - Elena

Laqroki – Elena (Peach)

Meet Elena, the newest face at Laqroki! This face is stunning with dark brows and full, luscious lips. I’ve been dying to try on Elena ever since I saw the teaser poster at the shop. It love the face so much, and I hope it comes in lighter brows in the future, and/or see these lips on other faces with lighter brows.

Laqroki - Elena

Laqroki – Elena (Fair)

I tried the lighter Fair tone with Blonde hair, and I think it works pretty well. Usually I try to match my brows and hair color, but I really wanted to see if I could get away with wearing Elena and Blonde hair (cos that’s the color I have for most of my hairstyles). Even though I think this works here, I think the face is more stunning when worn with dark hair.

Elena is available in 10 stunning makeups and hair base.

Laqroki - Elena

Laqroki - Elena

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  1. mhmm i will give it a try it looks adorable…i wear Claudia all the time but I will try this one,)

  2. The Blonde hair/dark brows are not terrible; it works. BUT i like the brown on brown much more, the look is Gorgeous! and the lips are so perfect! <3

  3. I like the makeup on this one but I’m not fond of the dark brows since I am a blonde in SL. I think if it comes out with lighter brows, I might try it, but until then.. *passes*

    Looks good on you though! 😀

  4. this skin is lovely yes, though to me laq always look a bit like a carefully handpainted doll. The skin though looks almost identical to angelina jolie – sigh, along with the rest….i suppose a shape change could control the doppelganger effect.

  5. of course…with the same skin I look completely different from the pix above

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