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Friday – Dream Booties


Friday – Journey Boots



These shoes are gorgeous. You know you want them! The Dream Booties pumps with a belt strap thing was slove at first sight for me. Visit Friday!

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  1. I love love love their shoes, but its very disappointing that they aren’t resize scripted or modify so I can’t wear them unless I change my shape. 🙁

    • You won’t really have to change your shape much to wear these, just set your feet to size 0?

  2. The problem is maybe when you don’t wanna change your feet size to 0 either but have a resize script or modify. When you detach your shoes to dive into the pool or whatever you’ve got minature feet which may not suit the rest of your body

  3. I agree with kitten, the shoes should have a resize script, when my avi moves my legs come through the boots. They’re nice though.

  4. Fortunately, I got the 50L promo boots on the Fifty Linden Friday before the release… the legs peeking through the boots issue irks me as well, so I’m glad I didn’t spend the full price. I got a ton of Friday hair and clothes and I love the stuff, so discovering this problem with the shoes was quite a big let-down.

    Plus, it’s showing on my extra-thin RP shape and the usual chubby everyday one, so I really doubt it’s just a size 0 feet issue.

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