Bella Di Notte, Sydney

Bella di Notte

I love nothing more than skin previews! Bella Di Notte gave group members this gorgeous Sydney skin in a group exclusive makeup. The package includes Light/Natural/Dark and Tan skin, and a pair of eyes (not worn here).

If you want this, join Black no. 1 group in-world (the fee is $200L to join). If you can’t find the group through search, visit the shop and click on a sign 🙂

Bella di Note

What I’m Wearing:

Exile – Cassie (Hazelnut) hair
Hucci – Knitkini (Sunset)

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  1. Love your blog, especially love your shapes that you wear for your posts, but please, please can you make some demos of your shapes so I can try before I buy? Been to your shop a few times and couldn’t find any, and honestly, given a shape costs almost as much as a skin, I feel they should have demos, just as skins do.

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