Exile Rapture Skin

Exile - Rapture

Exile has just released a second skin line called Rapture! I don’t know why it’s called Rapture, but to me the face is very angelic and sweet. The skins are available in 5 skin tones, 8 makeups, light brows/dark brows, and freckles version too.

Exile - Rapture

Exile - Rapture

I am wearing the lightest skin tone, Tone 1 in all 8 makeups above.

Exile - Rapture

This is a close-up of the Dark Brows / Light Brows. I think the detail of the brows is stunning, a lot crisper than on the previous Exile skin.

If you haven’t ever tried an Exile skin, come check it out! There is a free group gift makeup in the Exile gear group. It’s FREE to join, find it in-world.

Exile - Rapture

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What I’m Wearing:

Friday – Marie (Anxious Blond)
Exile – Rapture Skin (all)
Caroline’s – Baby Turtle Necklace in Gold
Parallel Love – Second Anniversary Gift dress
Maitreya – Neyya Toe-Cap White

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  1. Maybe it’s your shape, but the lips look majorly pixelated in the close up shot.

  2. Had to say I LOVE the last picture – what a great pairing of hair with the skin, looks just right! And the outfit is adorable with it too. Not crazy about the skin personally, but you always make them look their best. No wonder I live by this blog!

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