Po De Arroz, this is not a skin review

I typically receive a lot of requests from “new” brands asking me to look over their skins, give some feedback, and blog them. I have an excellent memory when it comes to something visual – especially skins. So when I receive “new” skins that looks exactly like skins I already have in my inventory, I will investigate. I”m always excited when I receive new skins to blog but sometimes I have to make hard decisions when I don’t think it is legitimate or something is “off”, I will let the creator know before blogging about it.

In this situation, I have contacted everyone involved so I want to share with you guys a lil’ story.

Here’s some history, so the rest will make more sense.

Last year, I was approached by Guy Seiling to check out some Maeve skins created by her friend, Mae Moriarty. When I tried on Maeve skins, I loved it. So I agreed to blog it on my site. The Maeve update group sent out a preview skin (so some of you might have it) but then, for some vague reason, the shop was closed before it opened and the Maeve skins never went on sale. I have not heard anything about Maeve or Mae Moriarty since.

So, fast forward to today. Guy Seiling approached me to blog skins from her new brand, Po De Arroz. When I tried on Po De Arroz, I loved it! I told Guy it was excellent, and that people would love it but when I looked closely at the body and the face, I thought the face was a lot like Maeve.


(Click here for full-size)

When I took a closer look at the body, I noticed that it was *A LOT* like Maeve, with some bits of older Minnu Palen skins mixed into it. Most noticeably, the belly button and the vag area. If you click on the full-size image, you’ll be able to see the comparison better.


(Click here for full-size)

Here is a picture of the Maeve legs & feet area, which is identical to Po De Arroz.

Now, this leads me to one conclusion: Maeve and Po De Arroz were created by the same person.

I asked Guy Seiling if she thought Po De Arroz skins looked similar to Maeve and she said no. I also told her that I thought some bits of Po De Arroz resembled older Minnu skins. If anybody reads my blog regularly, you know that I love Minnu skins. I can usually name the line, the order they were released, and pretty much everything about Minnu skins — I’m a Minnu skins addict, and above all, a skins addict. So I trust my judgment on this.

I think that Guy has done great work, and I told her this, that the Po De Arroz had a gorgeous face and a lot of you guys would love it. BUT, after seeing all these things.. and Guy not admitting to be Maeve, I am a bit disappointed.

That is all.

Check out Po De Arroz in-world.

For people that are interested, I plan on showing you guys the full range of Po De Arroz skins, but I will say this, buyer’s beware.

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  1. Yeah, someone else I know has done this and will never “admit” to being this other creator, skins too oddly. I could be wrong here but I bet Maeve is Guy or “maeve” handed over the files to Guy before exiting SL stage left. Just my opinion though – I could be wrong!

  2. But is good to remember…there´s several skin creator at xstreet… and some of add on for skin creator too

    they were friends…and might be co-designer…like Lizzie said…

  3. Both skins looks very much like older minnu skins, like Gogo mentioned. Its crazy how so many new starting up skin businesses use ripped designer skins as a base. I think there should be an organisation set up who would check the originality of the contents of that business.

    • As I remember it, Minnu bought starter skinkits and didn’t use original self-made material as she claimed in the start. No need to cry “ripped skins” if two creators purchase the same skinkits and just alter them.

  4. I don’t want to comment on the Maeve/Guy/Minnu mix-up at all, because I don’t know anything about it. But according to your update post, it seems to have cleared anyway.

    Well, most “comparison” pics I’ve come across in a ton of other “OMG! XYZ STOLE ZXY’S SKINS!!11!” posts turn out that weird, tiny, pixelated, animated, overloaded and touched up or use completely different lightning, poses and shapes. In the end, you can’t tell anything at all by looking at such pics. But they usually go along with a line like “absolute proof, see for yourself”.
    At that point, I’ve usually started groaning.

    Your pics on the other hand are a fine base for comparing the skins, even in the small size. Those are pics which would work well with a “see for yourself” comment. 🙂

    • I’m just gonna say that is extremely hard to line things up *exactly* even when you “use the same resources.”

  5. If I recall Minnu had some issues in the past about her older skins looking like others and it turned out they just sourced the same things from renderosity or something if I recall.

  6. Hi. So. I noticed that at the po De Arroz location, the sidewalks are ripped from Armidi. I contacted Guy and she said that they are (her and the co-owner) are friends with Armidi.
    Was is with all this rippage? Suspicious, or no?

  7. Likely similar due to use of skin kits released, most skins that come out now are used with templates, as well as those eye/lipstick/ enhancement kits.

  8. well we all know the minnu old story, and i still belive she/he use resource like others do
    yep no doubt is same resource, now if i use the same resource(or how to say) i am stoling something!?
    the best and unique resource on a skin is UR RL Body lol

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