Gala Phoenix Elf 2

Gala Phoenix - Elf 2 (Sundust)

Gala Phoenix has just released the Elf 2 skins – like the previous Elf skins, but with even more fabulous and NEW makeups!!! I was so obsessed with Elf when it came out, because the face has a cute petite nose and a great line of makeups.

Gala Phoenix - Elf 2 (Sundust)

These new Elf skins come in 6 makeups (2 variations each), freckles, Light/Dark versions of each skin tone, and all the usual options from previous Gala skins.

Gala Phoenix - Elf 2

Gala Phoenix - Elf 2

Gala Phoenix - Elf 2

These are all so pretty, it’s very hard to pick a favorite. Thankfully, all Gala fatpacks are only $3,000L and you get ALL makeups & 2 skin tones!!

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  1. I’m still somehow in love with that skin though I’m currently wearing Laq, and I really feel strange in changing my skin. I get so used to the one I’m wearing and it becomes my “virtual me”, so it is kinda hard for me to put on another skin suddenly. I know that some of you might not understand my emotions on that particular topic (I don´t want to use the phrase “skin whore” on that – lol, just kidding ;)), but that´s how I feel. Elf on the other hand was my first first skin as I started a few months ago in SL, and to see these beautiful new makeups gives me kinda warm feelings like being at home again 😉 Perhaps you´ve persuaded me to get some Elf´s, but this is a hard decision for me 🙂

  2. Yanno, I think Curio skins look totally adorable; they are well made, have great skin tone, and they also have a decent variety… but it seems they look adorable on everyone else and only look ‘alright’ on me (idk, maybe it’s the dimensions of my face and maybe I’m just uber-picky about my skin). My fav of the Curio collection, however, was actually Elf 1…. So I really can’t wait to try these out. I’m a sucker for blond brows and lips that look amazingly glossy and shiny; and it also comes with a smokey eyes! I am soo crossing my fingers for this Curio skin to ‘work’ with me…. otherwise, I may just have to tweak my face to fit it, lol.

  3. Not a major fan of curio faces. I love the body detail above all other skins on sl, but the fact the faces are paler than the rest has always bugged me, and I do not find the faces, especially the lips, remotely realistic. They are great if you aren’t after a realistic avatar, but Since I am, they never appealed. On a side note tho, her April skin works perfectly on child avatars. It is a shame she has not ventured into that side of skin making where there is a large gap in the market.

  4. @Graelwyn, I agree, the faces work wonderfully for children & young teens; just gotta keep the torso covered but it’s too bad that a girl can’t wear a sundress in these skins.

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