Evie's Closet Mermaid

If I wasn’t obsessed with prim shoes, I would totally be a Mermaid in SL! I’ve always wanted a Mermaid costume but I’ve never had one until yesterday. I’m so in love with it, especially when worn with the Mermaid AO. It’s so fun and relaxing to watch my avatar float around and do little turns in the water. I love it!!

Evie's Closet Mermaid

Visit Evie’s Closet for this Nereida Mermaid costume and Mermaid AO.

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  1. Just gorgeous! I love your posts! Its lovely to see you still blogging as I recall your blog from my first time around in SL 🙂 I got the “itch” to return again 😀
    I have linked to you on my new blog, could you link back? Its a fashion blog but I will be adding my builds to it soon 🙂

    Thank you heaps!

    Lola x

    P.S Cannot wait for the new LOLA skins to come out! LOL xx

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