Exile, Hucci, MmmMmMmm!!


Exile – Meredith | Scene | Roselle | Meko (all in Candy texture)

This week’s release of Exile hair is so fun! My favorite is Meredith, cos it reminds me of Meredith Grey’s hair from Grey’s Anatomy. Nothing says happy like HOT PINK hair 🙂 I love this color so much.

I’m totally playing with the SMILE emote today cos I think it’s cute when used in still pictures but I hate when people wear the ~smile~ attachment in-world. To me when people wear that attachment or when they type out ~smile~ it’s not friendly, it’s creepy!!! 🙂 <– acceptable but –> ~smiles~ is not!


I’ve been wearing this bikini all week, but I kept delaying doing proper front/back pictures so I couldn’t credit it. So here it is, Hucci’s latest Le Grand Sommet outfit (which includes a long skirt attachment and belly gem) but I think it works great as a bikini! So sexy. I promised Eboni I would show you guys a picture of my butt cos one side of the bikini bottom is slightly higher than the other. How sexy is that?


One last picture, cos I really like this emote. And check out the Hucci bikini!

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