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50L Friday

50L Friday is pretty cute this week but I have some gripes!!!

Things that annoys me about 50L Friday:

1. People who resell the item several weeks in a row!

2. People who recolor the same clothing items several times in a row!

3. People who have no item at all!!

4. People who set out more than one 50L item!

5. People who sell lower quality goods just cos it’s 50L! (i.e., they don’t include all the layers or it just doesn’t look as nice as the items they sell at regular price)

If this sounds like you, I’m totally talking about you.

Now, onto some fantastic finds this week…

50L Friday

Tiny Bird has two new hairstyles, the Heartbeats & Heartbeats II (worn in Ash Blonde here) includes a color-changing headband. Also, I love this comfy looking Surf Couture ‘Down the Shore Tee’ and super glam Kyoot ’50L Celebrity Harness Dress’.

Annnnnnd….. if you want something BUNNYish and beyond cute, check out Katat0nik’s Funny Bunny Roller Girl Outfit (includes matching roller skates!)

50L Friday

You have until Midnight SLT to grab these goodies at the uber low price.

Visit Tiny Bird, Surf Couture, Kyoot, and Katat0nik

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  1. annie

    i really hate that League made people buy 3 versions of the same dress -_-

  2. Leigh

    That harness dress is pretty much the low back ruffle mini dress from the other week, except with a black harness thing thrown on, the ruffle moved elsewhere, and maybe a back *Idk, I havent seen the back. I’ve only looked at the front of the dress, so I will hold my hands up if it is completely different. I didnt buy it to find out.*
    I appreciate the opportunity to buy something from a week I might have missed, but have another item out that hasnt been on sale before for 50lf. It’s pointless having so many repeats every week. I agree Gogo, it is getting ridiculous now.
    I fully appreciate how much effort the designers go into, and how low their price is compared to the norm, but that just makes it worse; that there is so much effort going into the organising and maintaining.

  3. Leigh

    Actually, worse than any of those things imho is themed items.
    Yes, great, 50l isnt much for anything on sl, but hallowe’en themed items can generally only be worn then, same for st patricks day or valentine. If it’s general enough along the theme, thats fair enough, all year round, but if it’s something specifically date oriented, you can only wear it for about one week a year.

  4. Nimil Blackflag

    i’m really disappointed in that barn that was stuck out there three times in a row.. they could have given that spot to someone new instead :/

  5. Tess

    How about the fact that Tres Blah put out a FREE subcribo gift bag on sale for 50L this Friday? It seems that designers love throwing out their garbage at us people that would like to save a few pennies every week. I fear that my FLF days are nearing to an end.

  6. Tess

    And yes, that is the same dress that Kyoot put out a few weeks ago without the harness and with polka dots and long sleeves…..

  7. 'Kota Buck

    Um, a lot of us put out 2 50L items at a time so that we can have a mens/unisex item as well as a lady item. The womenswear is more lucrative so the menfolk might be forgotten otherwise. It’s in the rules that people shouldn’t be putting out 2 items for women so those who do are actually breaking the rules.

    Yes the Kyoot dress uses some of the same elements from a previously released dress but it is also different. Having both dresses isn’t going to stop you wearing one or the other but if it is – don’t buy it. She also put out some neat furniture.

  8. Aimee

    Wow Annie…League MADE you buy 3 dresses huh?

    Comments like these are why creators and stores start abandoning things like sales, giving gifts and running promotions. Whatever they do, its never enough for some people.

    Stop feeling so entitled to things and just say thank you, or just stfu.

  9. Gogo

    Aimee, creators are not delicate flowers. They are here to make money — yep. Anything that is given as a gift, sale, promo, also helps their brand, with the ultimate purpose of being nice to current CUSTOMERS, potential CUSTOMERS, future CUSTOMERS, etc.

  10. Whisper Stella

    I have to agree wholeheartedly with Gogo.. I am both a Creator and a blogger. I know what it means to spend hours making something and setting it free out there to the consumer. I am always thrilled when people love my items and wear them and when they return. Giving away free items has never HURT my business.. and I want feedback, How else will you stay on the cutting edge if you don’t listen carefully to your consumers. You can keep your integrity style and class without insulting your consumers.. I have stopped attending the fifty L Fridays because I was finding repeated stores.. and even worse repeated goods… It seems the coordinators have gotten into a rut where they are cliquey and cant seem to cycle to other designers.
    If you reach out to others you will find many more people wondering whats next.. Its not happening. .
    its getting redundant and boorish… I have personal knowledge of them not wanting other designers and not letting others submit and join the fun..
    give it a rest..
    If you cant take critique then I feel bad for you for a little minute but I will get over it and go elsewhere with my LL$$
    I do not give a darn if your the best of the best there is always an up and coming designer to take your place if your not making me happy.. and that is.. spoken form a frequent consumer..

  11. Lil

    True, when FLF was fresh and new, I easily bought from 8 or more of the participating stores. The number has significantly decreased by now and I’m happy if I find at least two nice offers among the list – and it’s usually coming from my favourite stores, anyway. For example, the Reek/Tiny Bird cooperation projects are usually sweet or RC Cluster’s items which simply rock. So I don’t mind seeing the same store names reappearing on the list, as long as they offer creations to look forward to.

    Concerning items not on display – just guessing, but in some cases, that might be due to different time zones.

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