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Bohemian Beauty

Tuli - Eva

I was so excited yesterday when Tuli sent everyone who has purchased the Eva skins an upgraded Eva V2 skin. All Eva skins have been replaced with the less shiny v2 – and they look much, much softer. I think this is a good change and the skin is easier to photograph now in more Windlight settings.

KA - The Maxi Bohemian Strapless Dress

I’m wearing the new Maxi Bohemian Strapless Dress from KA Designs. This dress is SO pretty, but the original skirt length was longer than what I would have liked, so I decided to modify the prims to shorten the length and make it more like a Bohemian baby doll dress. It’s not perfectly even, but it looks pretty cool 🙂

What I’m Wearing:

Tuli – Eva (tone 4/br) 01a
Truth – Leona (cocoa)
KA – The Maxi Bohemian Strapless Dress
Carolne’s – Anne Crystal Lilac Set
Friday – Dream Booties (Pink)

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  1. Lashy

    You look so different in that skin. It’s not GOGO!

    But still pretty, just a completely different person to me lol 😛

  2. Lashy

    Oh btw, I really liked what you did with that dress. Knee length is my fave length. It’s what Tim Dunn recommends all the time in fashion makeovers. 😛

  3. Gogo

    hehe thank you 🙂 I’m very pleased with the DIY ‘trimming’ of the skirt! I’m a shorter avatar, I don’t like looooooooooong skirts! I almost never buy them unless it’s a fancy schmancy gown.

  4. 'Kota Buck


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