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Cynful, Truth


Hi everyone! Truth has three new hairstyles this week: Emme, Annette, and Tesa. Emme has a color-changing hair tie with an invisible option.

I’ve been thinking about how every week, I get flack for “blogging the same things” as other bloggers. I think it’s actually quite nice when a designer has a consistent release schedule, people come to expect it and the week just isn’t the same without. Here’s a fact: I’m usually like the 3rd or 4th blogger to blog Truth hair, cos Grazia and Willis beat me to it every week! LOL. They are super fast bloggers, cos Truth usually releases when I’m barely awake. But you know what? I don’t care if we all blog the same things, at the same time, cos everybody has a different audience.


I’m wearing some new Cynful releases, check this store out if you like casual and sexy things. Cynful items from left to right are: Cynful – Graciness Shirt (Lavender) | Cynful – TheHoodySuit (Babyblue) | Cynful – TheHoodySuit (Black) & Cynful – Dotsie (Pink) shirt underneath.

If you dig the poses used in the picture above they’re from DieselWorks & CnS E-Motion.

The poses from left to right are: Diesel Works – Scarlett 2 | Cynful – Blogger Pose 5 | Diesel Works – Scarlett 7

Happy shopping!!

What I’m Wearing:

Laqroki – Pearl 07 [Fair] Glow Skin
Truth – *see post for credit
Cynful – *see post for credit
Juicy – Classic Pumps (Marshmallow, Blueberry, Strawberry)

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  1. Willow Zander

    Aww you look great! Thanks for the mention, and yes, I agree!

    I have a far smaller audience than both you and Grazia i’m sure, so I just blog whatever the hell I like 😀


  2. Horatia Abonwood

    I don’t know the exact nature of the complaints you’ve gotten, GOGO, but I’m assuming SL bloggers all pretty much read the same notices, go to the same events, and check out other people’s blogs; it’s normal that some of the same things get blogged about in multiple blogs.

    And, I suspect if bloggers each put together a top ten list of hair stores, of skin stores, of women’s clothing stores, etc…there would be a lot of names that would show up on most lists. While many of us like to stumble upon a new and mostly unknown designer, we go back to our favorites time and time again.

    And then there’s the situation when stores send out promo copies to some bloggers, which IMO would be likely to create a flurry of blogging at close to the same time, but since I”m not “there” yet, I wouldn’t really know 🙂

    So what if one or ten other bloggers are posting about the same outfit (or hair, or whatever)? They don’t bring to their blogs what you bring to yours…we all have our own fashion style, our own writing style, our own preferences for photography. We all are likely to notice and appreciate different things in the items we are featuring. If all our blogs were carbon copies of one another, that would be one thing. But they are not; we’re all unique individuals.

  3. Grazia

    *grins* usually I’m at work when Truth releases his weekly batch and by the time I get home the hair is all over the feed!!

  4. Lizzie Lexington

    I personally don’t think you blog the same thing as other bloggers. Only Truth hair, hahaha. Hugs.

  5. Annie Paster

    doesnt matter who blog it first what you bring to the items , + tons other stuff blogged at the same time lol

  6. delilas

    tbph, I read your blog and occasionally peruse I<3SL. I resigned out of the fashion community over a year ago on my alt and don't care to get back into it; but part of the reason I come to yours is you blog truth hair, which I love but hate opening the notecards each week and waiting for the textures to load.

    So please keep blogging Truth's stuff 🙂

  7. zoe

    I don’t read other blogs, so if you *didn’t* post information on things simply on the basis that someone else has, then I would never hear about them!

    A thought, I know you got criticised unjustly for criticising (lol) some creations, but seeing as Truth is SUCH a brand, and produces SO much, why not instead of just saying ‘look lovely new truth hair’, say ‘this hair is great, but its got a whopping big lump of sculpty hair that sticks out if your av isn’t standing straight up’…

    Help us who love Truth pick and choose from the multitude of items!

  8. Kathya

    Hey Gogo mind sharing where you purchase those jean shorts? please?

  9. Sally

    Also, I don’t think all you fashion bloggers must blog all the new releases, often people forget great “oldies” or good products which at the time of their release competed with Truth releases or something, and got in the shade.
    Another thing I’d like is to see more new faces, but if we lack new designers, what to do? I suppose it’s really hard to find new designers whom are already doing a good work on their products. :}

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