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Dutch Touch Kiki

Dutch Touch - Kiki

Dutch Touch a skin brand that has been around for awhile, and I’ve always admired Iki’s work because it’s top notch and she offers a lot of variety with her skin packs for a great price. I haven’t worn it a lot in the past because I felt that the skins were more suitable with Brunette hair colors. Even though some Dutch Touch skins have light brows options, they still looked more stunning when paired with dark hair.

I was pretty excited when I saw that Kiki comes with both Black and Blonde Brows. I decided to try the Blonde brows with my fav light Blonde hair color, and I think it looks alright. The skin tone is warmer than what I would normally wear with hair this light, but it makes a nice Summer look.

Kiki comes in 8 makeups, some are pretty casual and some are more dramatic. Each makeup also includes 2 cleavage options and hair base.

Dutch Touch - Kiki

Dutch Touch - Kiki

Dutch Touch - Kiki

I’m amazed at how DIFFERENT it looks with Blonde brows vs. Black  brows. The face is pretty and youthful as a Blonde, but when I tried on the Black brows and dark hair, I thought it was even more beautiful.

Dutch Touch - Kiki

You know the saying “Blondes have more fun,” it’s NOT true in SL!! I think Brunettes have more fun because there are more fantastic skins with Dark brows than Blonde brows (very hard to find).

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  1. Hepzibah Foxclaw

    There might be more choices of skins matching dark hair. But I’ll keep on picking the tiny little pearls even if they’re hard to find. I love to be blonde in SL and I’m one by heart 😉

  2. Sally

    I think, just in general now and not necessarily in SL, that blondes are seen as more childish and nonserious compared to brunettes. That the hair color even makes one look more or less mature.
    I like being blonde in SL but as you mention, a few perfect skins. I think most skins looks more classy and hot with darker hair, but oh, this one did look young and cute with blonde option :}

  3. Bunny

    I love being blonde in SL too – though I have a ton of dark hairs because as Gogo said, some skins just look better with dark (or dont come with a light brow option at all). And it’s nice to be more dramatic and serious on occasion.

    I always come back to blonde though – it just *feels right* for my avatar.

  4. JenniferD

    You make blonde look so easy on SL.

  5. Maretch

    Hi Gogo! I love your eyes, where are they from?

    Love your blog <3

  6. Annie Paster

    on blonde the skin looks so tanned

    but on brown looks really pale and a lot more yonger

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