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Fishy Strawberry Spring/Summer 2010 Collection

This is a preview of Fishy Strawberry’s Summer/Spring 2010 collection. All the pieces were designed to mix-and-match so you can wear it out of the box or pair with other pieces from Fishy Strawberry or other favorites from your inventory.

I’m pretty much an ‘out of the box’ type of girl, since I’m not terribly creative with mix-and-matching, so I enjoy it when things from one brand goes well together.
Fishy Strawberry

Fishy Strawberry – Arrivederci Tees (can be worn with ruffles or with ruffles & add-on bow)

Fishy Strawberry – Billy Denim Pants (includes matching belt)

Fishy Strawberry – Lace Cycling Pants

Fishy Strawberry

Fishy Strawberry – Early Morning Cardigans (includes with shirt and without shirt version)

I personally think the Early Morning Cardigans without shirt is so sexy, one of my favorite cardigans ever.

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  1. Tess

    I LOVE those shorts and Cardigans. They do look much better without the shirt.

  2. TheShadow99

    I so decided to buy the Early Morning Cardigan, in red, but it looks so much better on you then me… Maybe it’s my dark skin tone, but… It looks pretty bad, think Photoshopped RL picture draped on texture overlay bad… x.x

  3. Fae

    Hello and thanks to Gogo and Tess… I couldn’t help writing here because I’m interested in TheShadow99 comment. When people take the time to IM me about some items it is to say that they like them or to show me their support. Although it pleases me (I can’t deny it), it’s hard to understand what “doesn’t work” by hearing only positive feedback. So… I am taking the chance to do it here…
    The fact that you find the cardigan pretty bad saddens me :/ Many of the items I make are “hybrid”. I usually combine some photosourced and to handdrawn elements. Some others (like, for instance, the arrivederci tees, where there is even my handwriting) are completely handdrawn. My aim is trying to achieve a realistic effect without it looking too “fake” nor too flat. The shadowing is often on the heavy/dramatic side because I’ve noticed that it looks a little better with more windlight presets (even though more presets make avatar mesh look plain ugly, no matter what). About the cardigan (to explain a little my messy working method – in which nobody’s probably interested but I’m writing anyway :X) I’ve drawn the base, then I’ve integrated it with a pic for the collar and the buttons zone. Afterwards, I’ve worked on the creases and I’ve applied a overlayed texture to give it a grainy, soft fabric look. At the end, I’ve drawn all the little details, like the seam on the waistline or the shadow of the bra cup and so on. Achieving the right balance between realistic and natural is not an esy task. Sometimes the result is pretty “natural”, some others not. But I’ve noticed it depends on many factors (the overall look of an avatar, the lighting, the skin realism). Maybe the shadowing is too heavy? Or maybe it’s a matter of personal taste, I don’t know. To be sincere, I was so happy with the cardingan and I’ve been wearing it to such an extent that it smells like armpits now -____-‘
    I’ll try to work harder on the balancing for next releases. Theshadow, I’d be glad if you could contact me inworld (since I don’t know your name) so that we can find a solution if you’re unhappy with the purchase.
    (I hope my English is understandable enough)

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